You Don’t Have to Always Be the “Ideal” Employee to Land the Job


When you discover that your dream job is available, it can feel a lot like winning the lottery. But, that sense of excitement can quickly shift to feelings of doubt if you aren’t sure that you’re the ideal candidate for the position, and you may not land the job.

Many companies add long lists of requirements to the job announcements and, if you don’t have every single one, you might assume getting the position is impossible. However, checking off every box isn’t always necessary, especially if you can showcase that you could excel in the role.

If you want to try and land the job of your dreams, even if you aren’t sure you’re the ideal candidate, here are some tips for increasing your odds of success.

Look Beyond the Skills List

While having certain hard skills may be a necessity, much of what makes a person an ideal employee doesn’t fall into that category. Cultural fit and soft skills play a big role in a worker’s success, so figuring out what the company is actually looking for is a must.

Having the majority of the requirements met is just part of the equation, and falling a little short in this area doesn’t mean you aren’t a contender. Research the company online and thoroughly read the announcement to discover other key information, such as whether they may be willing to train the right candidate and if the environment is otherwise a match.

Target Your Resume

When you submit your resume, you need to make it clear you can provide value to the hiring manager and the company. Showcase your relevant skills and experiences, quantifying the information whenever possible, and focus on the positive.

If you can demonstrate that you meet most of the requirements and have potential, it is still possible that you’ll land an interview. It’s important to realize a significant portion of the applicants likely don’t have every skill or experience listed in the job posting, so working to make your resume stand out can be enough to score a meeting with the hiring manager.

Articulate Your Willingness to Learn

For companies open to training a great candidate, letting the hiring manager know you are willing and excited to learn the missing skills is a must. Typically, this needs to be addressed in your cover letter, and you need to clearly articulate you are open to putting in the time and energy necessary to get up to speed.

Another approach is to start learning these new skills now. You can research the topics online, enroll in a class, head to a seminar, or choose a self-paced online course to showyou are working on adding more to your repertoire. Then, mention your efforts in your cover letter, letting the hiring manager know you are already taking the next steps. This demonstrates your passion, which can help you stand out from the crowd.

Ultimately, applying for the job can be a smart move, even if you don’t match up on every requirement. Also, if you aren’t selected, you can still use the experience to motivate yourself to acquire new skills and experiences, so you can have a better chance of getting the job next time. That way, when it comes open again, you’ll be ready.

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