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While technology has been a boon in many workplaces, it isn’t without its drawbacks. Today, people expect their information in quick snippets and, at times, even instantaneously. This has led to the rise of efficient collaboration software, but has also rendered communications options like email, employee newsletters, and even intranet announcements to become less effective.

As people get used to gathering details in small bites and at record speeds, attention spans are shrinking. This means worker engagement beyond a few seconds can be a challenge.

However, by taking the right approach to communication, it is possible to hold a worker’s attention, ensuring they get vital information when it is needed most. If you are wondering how you can make your internal communications more engaging for everyone, here’s how to get started.

Target Your Communications

As social media, online news, and even advertising become more targeted to the user, people have become accustomed to tailored communications. This means blanket communications that aren’t relevant to the individual employee are likely to be ignored, even if some of the content may be useful.

If you want to catch a worker’s attention, you need to make sure all announcements and information being sent to them is relevant to their roles. This may mean avoiding “all staff” announcements or emails unless the message is genuinely important for everyone, or creating more internal groups to ensure content only goes to those who need it.

Embrace Images and Video

Practically no one will say that a lengthy text-based message is ideal for engagement. On social media, videos and images typically reign supreme, so take a cue from their success and integrate other formats into your content.

If you need to relay details about a new safety initiative, consider creating an infographic that summarizes the information. If you want to discuss a new program, create a short video that showcases it and serves as an introduction.

The idea is to mix up the mechanism on occasion to keep things interesting. You don’t have to eliminate text entirely, just use other options to engage your staff before leading them into the written content.

Use Multiple Delivery Platforms

When a message is truly critical, don’t rely on a single delivery platform to disseminate the information. Instead, share the content over multiple channels, including email, on the intranet, and through collaboration software.

By using multiple platforms, you increase the odds it appears on each employee’s preferred option. This makes it more likely it will be seen.

However, only use this approach for messages that genuinely apply to everyone who will see it. Otherwise, employees will learn to ignore these announcements, assuming the information isn’t critical to them.

By using the approaches above, you can increase engagement when it comes to your internal communications. If you would like to know more, the professionals at The Advance Group can help you identify options that are ideal for your workplace. Contact us to speak with one of our skilled team members today, and see how our workplace communication expertise can benefit you.






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