Add These Skills to Boost Your Welding Resume


When it comes to manufacturing, welders play critical roles in a range of production, construction, and industrial environments. They may help build buses or aircraft, repair buildings and structures, or assist in any scenario where metal parts need to be joined together. This means there can be a lot of exciting opportunities for skilled welders.

However, if you want to apply for a coveted role, being able to separate yourself from the other candidates is essential. Usually, professional welders will have similar core competencies, so demonstrating you have skills beyond the basics can make all of the difference.

If you are ready to boost your welding resume, here are a few skills you definitely want to add to your repertoire and showcase on your applications.

Mathematical Skills

Math plays a big role in welding. It ensures you can calculate dimensions properly, interpret sketches, and read blueprints correctly.

When you want to stand out, make sure to discuss your abilities in those areas. Also, work to highlight your spatial reasoning capabilities as well as mention your experience with both 2-D and 3-D diagrams along with blueprints.

Attention to Detail

When you’re a welder, the details matter. For example, if you fail to thoroughly clean parts, chips, and holes, your work could end up with flaws, some of which could have dangerous repercussions.

Showing the hiring manager you have excellent attention to detail can help demonstrate you are an ideal candidate for the role. Don’t be afraid to mention the importance of maintaining a clean work area, strictly following safety standards, being precise when trimming materials, or monitoring molten metal flows to ensure results, as all of these points showcase your attention to detail.

Physical Capabilities

Welding is incredibly physical work. You often have to spend long periods standing, as well as bend, twist, lift and stoop repeatedly throughout the workday to accomplish your tasks. Additionally, you need strong hand-eye coordination, good vision (either with or without corrective eyewear), manual dexterity, and stamina. Plus, you have to be able to maintain productivity standards in adverse conditions, especially in high heat.

Since the work is very physical, don’t hesitate to touch on these points when you are applying for a welding position. Let the hiring manager know you are capable of handling these demands, as it will put their mind at ease.

Administrative Skills

While welding isn’t an office job, administrative tasks are common in these roles. For example, you may need to inventory supplies, document your work, and plan projects, all of which come with an administrative component.

When you need to boost your welding resume, don’t shy away from discussing these aspects of your previous roles. It may make you seem like a more well-rounded candidate, and is information the hiring manager will value.

By adding the skills above to your resume, you can stand out from the competition when applying for a welding job. If you are seeking new jobs in Michigan or Ohio, the professionals at The Advance Group can help you explore your options. Contact us to discuss your ideal position and see how our services can benefit your job search today.






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