What Your Employee Engagement Is Missing


Most managers know an engaged workforce is a productive one. However, crafting an environment where employee engagement is the norm is often easier said than done.

In many cases, the majority of any company’s employees aren’t overly engaged. While they may be meeting expectations, few are as enticed and entranced by their work as they could be, so they aren’t as inclined to go the extra mile unless it is absolutely necessary.

While there is some debate regarding the best way to increase employee engagement, one point is usually agreed upon: Effective communication is a requirement for success.

Developing an Effective Internal Communications Method

At times, companies may assume that if they simply embrace the latest app with the newest features, they don’t have to spend much time cultivating an internal communication strategy. While providing new tools can be beneficial, it isn’t a guaranteed method for increasing engagement over the long-term.

Instead, leaders need to analyze which communication methods not only meet your functional needs but also connect with your workforce. It needs to make engaging with the content feel natural and convenient. Otherwise, it misses the mark.

Think All-Encompassing

Ideally, you want to select a communication platform that can reach your entire workforce, a highly visible solution that provides value across the board. Any system that is restricted to a particular niche, like a single department, isn’t going to stand the test of time. Plus, it guarantees management is going to have to reach out on multiple platforms to get critical information across to everyone.

In many cases, choosing a platform that can deliver messages across computers and mobile devices is the most appropriate solution. It ensures your message can be cohesive, as you don’t have to recreate it for different devices.

Allow a Tailored Experience

While you want to make sure every worker receives critical content, you also want to make sure they aren’t bombarded with information they don’t need. Work to find a platform that allows employees to have a somewhat tailored experience by enabling them to eliminate communications that are irrelevant, without having to see them at all.

Make the Content Interesting

People are highly visual creatures, often responding better to content that is interesting to the eyes, as well as full of valuable information. When you select a platform, make sure it can support an aesthetically pleasing message. For example, will it let you include images? Can it support video? Will it reformat messages in a way that is cluttered or makes it harder to process visually?

In many cases, people are better equipped to process image-based information than simple text. Plus, it makes the information more interesting, which can increase engagement. Make sure your platform provides you with that capability if you want to make the most of it.

By following the tips above, you can increase employee engagement in your workplace. If you’d like to learn more, the professionals at The Advance Group want to hear from you. Contact us with your questions and see how our experience in managing employee engagement can benefit you today.






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