How to Find a Job Without a Resume


Building or updating a resume can be a cumbersome task. If you’ve never had a resume before or haven’t applied to a job opening in several years, the idea can also be very intimidating.

While most vacancy announcements do require a resume as part of the application, not all of them do. There are ways to land a job without having a resume, though you will have to adjust your search to find the right opportunities. If you need to find a job and don’t have a resume, here’s how to get started.

Focus on Companies With Online Applications

Some employers allow applicants to complete a standardized application in lieu of submitting a resume. The application has blanks you fill in, ensuring the company gets the information they need. Typically, they will give you space to discuss your employment history, educational background, volunteer opportunities, core skills, and more.

While many online applications give you the option of adding a resume as a supplemental document, it isn’t always a requirement. Since the application covers all of the most important areas, the company can usually make a determination regarding whether to invite you in for an interview based on that alone.

It’s important to note that some companies even have paper applications available, such as retailers and fast food locations. However, this is becoming increasingly less common, and many employers will point you to an online application even if you ask for one in-person.

Use Social Media for Your Job Search

Both LinkedIn and Facebook can be powerful additions to a job search. Often, you can apply to openings directly through the platform, allowing your profile to act in place of a traditional resume.

In some cases, you can also reach out to hiring managers online and steer them to your profile. This can work if a position isn’t widely advertised, as there may not be a standard application process in place, creating a level of flexibility.

This approach is usually more effective if you have a large professional network. In those cases, you can let your contacts know you are seeking a new position, and your profile can stand in for a resume if they want to connect you with a hiring manager.

Connect With a Leading Staffing Firm

Many recruitment agencies don’t require job seekers to show up with a resume in hand. Often, you can complete a standardized application instead, allowing you to get started without a resume.

Plus, if a resume is required for an opening, leading staffing firms will help you create one. This gives you access to their experience and know-how, ensuring your resume exceed the expectations of the hiring manager looking to hire for a role.

If you are looking for a new job and don’t have a resume, the skilled recruiters at The Advance Group can help you find your ideal opportunity. Click here to find our newest open jobs, or contact us to discuss your perfect position today and see how our hiring and placement services can benefit you.






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