Stop Expecting This at Work


Most professionals have certain expectations regarding their work. Being fairly compensated for their efforts is one example of a common expectation, and that one doesn’t tend to be damaging.

However, some employees fall into the trappings of one common misconception, and that can lead to decreasing job satisfaction and even unnecessary job hoping or career changes. If you are wondering which work expectation you should abandon immediately, here’s what the thought that you need to purge from your mind.

Work Should Always Be Fun

At some point, the myth that work should always be fun began to circulate. It is like akin to the adage, “If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life,” or some variant of that common phrase.

If you assume a mindset that your job should provide you with a constant sense of joy, entertainment, or even positive feelings, you will likely never find your “perfect” position. Why? Because no job in the world is fun all of the time.

Every role on the planet comes with stresses and challenges. Hard work can be difficult, even if it is also satisfying. Plus, every position is going to involve at least a few tasks that aren’t inherently fun. They may be tolerable, or even emotionally neutral, but that means they are falling short on the “fun” scale.

What You Should Look for Instead

Expecting your job to always be fun is simply unrealistic. However, that doesn’t it can’t be fun part of the time, just that other feelings should also come into play.

A great job may be satisfying, fulfilling, engaging, rewarding, challenging, or energizing. At times, it will likely be frustrating, stressful, boring, and even annoying, too. The trick isn’t to limit yourself to a single sensation. Instead, focus on finding a role where the positive outweighs the negative; where the difficulties are overshadowed by positives.

Additionally, don’t rely on your job as your sole source of good experiences. Make sure you have some fun in your personal life too, as this can make a less-than-stellar day at work feel less draining. Plus, it removes some of the pressure off of what you need to get emotionally from your career.

Ultimately, no position or career is going to be a good time every hour of every day, and expecting that to happen is only going to leave you dissatisfied. Look for a job that offers a positive mix of experiences and understand that, no matter what path you chose, some of it isn’t going to be a blast. By embracing that mindset, you may actually find yourself happier overall, as you aren’t mistaking normal parts of the employment experience as shortcomings or flaws.

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