What Do Great Jobs Have That Yours Doesn’t?


Not all jobs are created equal. While some come with competitive salaries and robust benefits packages, others offer low wages and only the bare minimum when it comes to other forms of compensation, suggesting the provide anything else at all.

In most cases, great jobs aren’t just going to offer you a paycheck. You’ll also get a variety of benefits to help make your life easier, cover you in an emergency, and plan for your future. If you are wondering what great jobs have to offer that you may not be getting with your current employer, here’s what you need to know.

Medical and Dental

Health insurance benefits are some of the most desirable options around. They make medical and dental appointments more affordable and offer you a level of protection should a health emergency strike.

Retirement Plan

Most people know you can’t rely on Social Security alone to fund a retirement. While you can open an account on your own, having access to a 401(k) plan through your employer is much more convenient, allowing you to save a portion of your paycheck to support your retirement.

Bonuses and Awards

If you recommend a great job seeker for a position and they succeed in the role, shouldn’t you be recognized for your contribution? Companies that offer referral bonuses think so, and they will provide you with cash to show their appreciation.

Similarly, having achievements recognized is incredibly important for companies with great cultures. For example, attendance awards show the company appreciates how reliable you are and wants to take a moment to express their gratitude.

Training and Professional Development

Having access to opportunities that can help you learn and grow allows you to keep moving forward in your career. Leading employers understand the importance of skill improvement, and they will help you by providing training or other professionals development options.

Vacation and Holiday Pay

The best employers understand everyone needs time to relax and recharge. To make that possible, vacation and holiday pay programs make being away from work affordable, ensuring you don’t have to sacrifice part of your paycheck just because you need (or want) to take time off.

If your company doesn’t offer you all of the benefits above, you might not have the greatest job. There are many employers who provide these forms of compensation to show appreciation for the efforts of their staff, so finding one that does can have a significant impact on your life, job satisfaction, and even financial future.

Where Can You Find These Benefits?

At The Advance Group, we believe in offering our candidates comprehensive benefits packages. Once you have been part of our team for the minimum period, you gain access to the offerings above and more.

If you are looking for a great job, the recruiters at The Advance Group want to hear from you. Click here for new open jobs or contact us to learn more about our current openings and benefits, and see how our services can help you find your perfect position.






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