How to Tell If Your New Employee Will Last


When you bring on a new employee, your goal is usually to keep them around as long as possible. After all, each new hire is an investment and the longer they stay on board, the more valuable they can become.

But figuring out exactly is a new employee will last isn’t always easy. Luckily, there are a few signs that suggest they could stick with it for the long-term. Here’s what you want to keep your eye on when evaluating your new hire.


When a person is passionate about their field or role, they are better equipped to handle challenges. Why? Because they are motivated by their interest, increasing the odds that they will strive to persevere and remain committed during trying times.

Without passion, a small obstacle on the road to success may be enough to send them reeling. Essentially, if their heart isn’t in the work, then they may not be motivated to stick with it or go the extra mile, even when it is necessary.


A new employee that is proactive on the job is more likely to last. Being willing to go above and beyond or constantly seeking out new opportunities to contribute once their core tasks are done shows they are dedicated to the company and position.

In contrast, someone who isn’t proactive may only do what is absolutely required of them to keep their job. They aren’t seeking out chances to improve their workplace or make a bigger, positive impact, and that could be a signal they won’t last indefinitely.


If a new employee doesn’t actually have the capacity to excel in the role, they probably won’t last. This can happen when a job seeker misrepresents their skills or when a hiring manager underestimates what it takes to flourish in the position, leading to a poor hiring decision.

Capacity is usually both mental and physical. The new employee has to be able to handle the nature of the work on all fronts. Otherwise, it’s going to be more challenging than they can likely tolerate.


A single employee with a bad attitude can be poisonous to a team. While these kinds of workers may not choose to leave the role, keeping them isn’t always the right move, especially if they are harming morale beyond themselves.

At times, nothing is more valuable than a positive attitude. It ensures the new employee is a pleasure to work with, including from the perspective of customers, managers, and co-workers. Plus, it shows their spirits are high, increasing the odds they are equipped to handle the stresses of the role.

All of the signs above suggest a new hire will last. If you’d like to learn more about evaluating your new hires or are looking for the ideal candidate for a vacant position, the professionals at The Advance Group can help. Contact us to learn more about our services and see how our hiring expertise can benefit you.






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