5 Signs You’re Ready for a New Ohio Job


Let’s face facts; it isn’t always easy to figure out if you should initiate a job search and seek out new opportunities. You want to make sure you are making a smart decision and, even if your current position is not great, feeling conflicted about leaving your current Ohio job is common.

However, there are some signs that suggest finding a new Ohio job is the best option. If you are toying with the idea of landing a new role, here are five signs making the transition is not a bad idea.

1. Heading to Work Fills You With Dread

While everyone has a few days from time to time where heading into work is the last thing they want to do, constant feelings of dread are never a good thing. If you are constantly telling yourself that you are just having a bad week, month, or year, but the situation never improves, finding something that does not make you feel that way is probably best if you want to preserve your well-being.

2. Your Boss Lacks Critical Knowledge

It is true that no one knows everything, and managers are no different. But, if your manager seems to have a knowledge gap in a critical area (one that relates to their department and their team’s jobs), then that is only going to breed frustration. When you do not trust that your boss has the ability to make a sound decision, you will likely be filled with doubt, anxiety, or feelings of anger. If you frequently question your manager’s competence, then moving on may be a wise choice.

3. The Company Is Poised to Fail

While no company is guaranteed to succeed year after year, once the writing is on the wall, sticking it out can be a horrible decision. Hanging on to a failing employer doesn’t just increase your stress levels; it can also lead to unemployment for a period. If you genuinely feel the business is going to crash and burn, you need to set aside your feelings of loyalty and seek out a new opportunity. Otherwise, you may face more competition when you and your co-workers are out of a job, making it harder to secure something new.

4. You Hate Your Duties

Loving every minute of your job isn’t usually possible, but hating all of your work is a sign you should start a job search. Being passionate about what you do increases job satisfaction and makes it easier to perform at your best. Whether you need to find a new opportunity in your field or completely change careers may depend on how you feel, but exploring your options is a good idea.

5. You Can’t Move Forward

Having chances to learn, grow and advance are critical for the health of your career. If your current employer has you stuck in a dead-end role, you need to take action if you want to move forward. The only exception is when you hit a career peak, when it would be okay to not have some of these opportunities. Otherwise, do your career a favor and see what else may be available.

Ultimately, any of the signs above could indicate that you are ready for a new Ohio job. If you want to explore your options, the team at The Advance Group can help. Contact us to learn more about our current vacancies and see how our career management expertise can benefit you, or browse our open jobs today.





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