Important Information on Michigan’s Paid Leave


Michigan’s Paid Medical Leave Act will take effect on March 29, 2019.  The Act requires most employers in Michigan to provide up to 40 hours of paid medical leave for certain eligible employees to use for the employee’s own medical condition, to care for a family member’s medical condition, and in other emergency situations.  The state’s required posting regarding the Paid Medical Leave Act is below for your reference.

The Paid Medical Leave Act also applies to the Advance Group’s temporary employee workforce.  As with all payroll and benefit issues, Advance will fully administer this leave program and the Act’s related compliance obligations for the temporary employees who are assigned to our clients.  The Paid Medical Leave Act contains provisions that prohibit all employers from retaliating against employees for properly using their paid medical leave benefits, so employees who meet the eligibility requirements and are placed at our clients’ companies will be permitted to take paid medical leave pursuant to the Act and Advance is unable to make assignment decisions based on medical leave eligibility or use.

The Paid Medical Leave Act permits employees to use time off for unforeseeable emergencies, so there may be instances where an employee calls off to take advantage of this benefit.  Advance instituted strict call off procedures to require as much employee notice as the law permits and requires medical or other documentation to substantiate all absences so the paid leave is not abused.  Advance instituted these guidelines to provide the least amount of disruption as possible to its clients as the new law takes effect.  If you have any questions about Advance’s compliance procedures with the Paid Medical Leave Act, please contact your account representative.






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