Are You an Active or Passive Job Seeker?

Most job seekers fall into one of two categories: Active or passive. Each one can help you locate exciting positions that may meet your career needs, even though they represent two incredibly different approaches.

If you are wondering whether you are an active or passive job seeker, here is what you need to know.

What Is an Active Job Seeker?

In the simplest terms, an active job seeker is a person who is fully engaged in a job search. They are purposefully hunting down new opportunities and are explicitly planning to land a new role.

Usually, active job seekers are taking certain steps to make their goal of finding a new position a reality. This can include scouring job boards, examining company social media pages for vacancy announcements, working with recruiters, or any other intentional approach to finding a new role.

Additionally, active job seekers are commonly dissatisfied with at least one key aspect of their current position. Whether that is their salary, job title, duties, workplace culture, or anything else isn’t particularly relevant. What is important is that they are motivated to find an opportunity to move on because they aren’t necessarily happy with where they are right not.

What Is a Passive Job Seeker?

Contrasting the active job seeker, passive job seekers are open to new employment options, but are not actively engaged in a search. For example, they may pursue an opportunity that a member of their network presents to them directly or when their dream job opens at a specific company.

Outside of those situations, their job search is essentially on autopilot. If something great happens to come along, they will apply, but they aren’t taking part in an active hunt.

Plus, if something doesn’t end up on their radar, that’s fine. Most passive job seekers aren’t dissatisfied with where they are today, so they are not in a rush to land something new. In fact, some are quite happy with where their career has taken them so far, so they are not overly motivated to leave unless the perfect opportunity happens to come around.

Ultimately, both active and passive job seekers can find amazing new job opportunities. The only thing that differentiates them is generally a sense of urgency (or lack thereof) about moving on from their current role and how engaged they are in the hunt.

If you are an active or passive job seeker, the staff at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us to see how we can help you move your career forward on your terms, either working quickly to assist you with landing a new role or keeping our eyes open long-term for your dream position.






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