Here’s Why People Don’t Want Your Job


Finding candidates for your vacant job seems like a simple task. After all, many job seekers are actively looking for a new role, so it seems only natural that qualified individuals would apply. As a result, if the resumes don’t start to roll in, it isn’t uncommon to be a bit confused.

Certain aspects of your position might not be enticing to candidates. In worst-case scenarios, portions of your description or other factors may even lead some job seekers to turn away from your open position.

Luckily, by figuring out why people don’t want your open position, you can make corrections. If you aren’t receiving applications from qualified individuals, here are some points to consider.

Your Job Ad Is Aging

Roles that require a hard-to-find skill set take time to fill. While leaving the same job ad up may seem like a good idea, as time passes, it will get diminishing returns.

When a candidate is looking for a new position, they often focus on new listings. Usually, those are presented first when they do a search, so they might not have a reason to peruse page after page of listings.

Additionally, many job seekers question whether an old job ad is accurate. Some may assume the role has been filled and the company simply forgot to take the job ad down. Others may worry there is something wrong with the opportunity, like a hiring manager who can’t make up their mind or a disorganized and lengthy hiring process.

If your job ad has been up for a while, it isn’t a bad idea to refresh it. That way, the listing appears newer, increasing the odds it will end up on candidates’ radar and reducing the chances of them being suspicious of the post.

Your Job Ad Looks Like a Scam

Professionals are increasingly aware of potential red flags that could signal a job is actually a scam. For example, promises that the new hire can make a lot of money in a short period, directing them to reach out over a messenger instead of applying through a traditional mechanism (like the job site or a company’s recruitment page), saying a lot of people will be hired quickly, or similar content could leave job seekers wary of the role’s legitimacy.

Additionally, not publishing your company name could make the position seem more like a scam. Similarly, if a candidate Googles your company name and comes up empty, not able to find a website or social media pages, they might assume the business isn’t real.

The Position Description Isn’t Enticing

Job seekers want a clear idea of what the role entails before they apply. If your position description is too vague, many will bypass your opportunity, at times because they assume you are hiding aspects of the job that they wouldn’t like.

On the other side, lengthy job descriptions with massive requirements lists are also not ideal. Some candidates won’t apply unless they meet 100 percent of the requirements, essentially screening themselves out even if they are capable of excelling in the position.

Ultimately, all of the reasons above could keep people from applying to your job. By avoiding these missteps, you can increase your applicant rate and have a better chance of finding the top talent you need.

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