Switching Roles? Here’s What You Need to Put in Your Cover Letter


Heading into a new career territory can be exciting, but it can also be difficult. As a candidate, you need to ensure the hiring manager knows your skills are a match to their needs, even if you haven’t worked in that role or field before.

In order to sell the hiring manager on the idea, you need to make sure your cover letter is on point. This critical document allows you to share details that won’t fit on your resume, allowing you to showcase why you are a great fit, even if your prior experience has been in another niche.

If you are ready to make a career switch, here’s what you need to put in your cover letter.

Introduce Your Relevant Strengths

When you are switching careers, you can’t expect the hiring manager to be enticed based on your past work experience alone. Instead, you need to draw them in by highlighting your relevant strengths, allowing them to see how what you bring to the table provides value.

As you introduce yourself, avoid giving a play-by-play of your work history. Instead, showcase achievements and skills that relate strongly to the role you want to land and use those as springboards for describing how you can excel in the job and help the company succeed.

Explain Why You Are Making a Change

While the hiring manager might be able to glean that you are trying to switch careers, they won’t be able to guess why. In your cover letter, it is wise to explain your motivation.

For example, if an intriguing piece of industry news ignited your passion, a side project sparked your interest in heading into the industry full-time, or a long-standing interest in the field that you have chosen to pursue is behind the change, let the hiring manager know. Give them insight into why their vacant position caught your eye, even if your background is a bit nontraditional for the job.

Have a Strong Closing

The last paragraph of your cover letter is your final opportunity to convince the hiring manager to give you a chance, so you need to make a strong case for yourself. Highlight your relevant skills and how you can use them to help the company excel. Showcase your excitement for the role and your interest in using your transferable skills in a new way.

The idea is to sell yourself as the ideal candidate, making the hiring manager more inclined to consider you, even if your background isn’t the typical path to that particular position. Once that is done, let them know you appreciate their time and look forward to hearing back or answering any additional questions they may have, ensuring you have extended all common courtesies.

By following the cover letter tips above, you can increase the odds you will successfully take your career in a new direction. If you’d like to find out more, the staff at The Advance Group can help. Contact us to speak with one of our skilled team members today and see how our career transition expertise can benefit you.






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