Can Your Temp Job Be a Dream Job?


Many professionals view temporary positions as some form of means to an end. This can include providing them with valuable experience, covering a gap in employment, or sticking with short-term opportunities for additional career flexibility. While a temporary position can work well in all of those cases, it can also be much more. A temp job can end up being your dream job, too.

If you are wondering how a temporary assignment can be or lead to your dream job, here’s what you need to know.

Finding the Right Fit

It isn’t uncommon for professionals to struggle with defining their dream job. Often, the concept is a bit ambiguous and fluid, shifting over time based on newly acquired skills, experience, or information.

When you work in temporary positions, you get a chance to try jobs out. You’ll learn what a role is like by doing it yourself, giving you a viable approach for finding your ideal fit. As a result, you can determine what your dream job is based on the various positions you explore, discovering more about what you enjoy and what you want to avoid with each one. Over time, you’ll be able to drill down into what your dream job means to you, making it easier to get closer with each assignment.

Focusing on Your Passion

Temporary positions may give you something that traditional, permanent roles can’t; the ability to focus solely on your passion. Many temporary assignments are project-oriented. Companies bring in temp workers to cover skill gaps or handle duties associated with a short-term need. At times, this makes the tasks highly focused, which can be beneficial for professionals who want to use specific skills while avoiding the other responsibilities associated with a long-term job.

If your dream job involves a limited scope, being a professional temp in that area could be your dream job. You get to do the kind of work you enjoy, while limiting the need to handle other duties, which can be very rewarding.

Built-in Variety

Staying in one role for long can make some professionals feel stagnant. Often, the daily duties in a permanent job remain fairly consistent, and that can get tedious or dull after some time passes.

If you opt to be a temporary worker instead, your career has a built-in degree of variety. You are regularly entering new workplaces and facing exciting challenges. You get to meet new people, use different technologies, and broaden your experience as you transition from one assignment to the next.

Long-Term Potential

Many employers hire by using temp-to-perm arrangements. The temp job functions as a working interview, allowing the company and selected professional to see if it’s a good fit before a permanent job offer enters the equation.

Since many businesses favor this kind of hiring, you could find your dream job while working as a temp. Then, if the employer agrees you are the right person for the role long-term, you may get an offer to join the company permanently.

Ultimately, a temp job can be a dream job, or certainly serve as a pathway to one. If you’d like to know more or are seeking a new position, the staff at The Advance Group can help. Contact us to speak with a member of our recruitment team today and see how our services can benefit you.






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