Don’t Fall for These Business Culture Mistakes


Company culture has become increasingly important in the eyes of candidates. Most professionals want more than just a solid salary and comprehensive benefits package; they also want an environment that meets their needs, the right amount of support, and access to opportunities.

Certain business culture mistakes can be incredibly harmful for both recruitment and retention. If you want to make sure you can access and keep top talent, here are some cultural issues you need to avoid.

No Downtime

Many companies expect their employees to burn the candle at both ends. They may encourage workers to skip breaks, work through their lunch, and respond to calls, emails, or text at all time of the day, including during off-hours.

This always-on mentality creates a culture that makes work-life balance nearly impossible. Plus, even though employees are putting in more hours, it actually harms productivity. It can cause employees to disengage and lose focus. In the worst-case scenario, it can promote burnout.

If you want your staff to thrive, make sure there is adequate downtime. Encourage them to take breaks during the day and have lunch away from their workstations. Additionally, limit after-hours contact or eliminate the expectation employees be accessible 24/7. That way, you can create a culture that supports work-life balance, ensuring your workers rest and rejuvenate regularly so they are at their best when they are on the clock.

Lack of Trust

Some managers have a tendency to micromanage, even if they aren’t aware of it. They hover over their employees and monitor their every move, at times in the name of preventing mistakes and ensuring everyone is productive.

One of the main issues with micromanaging is it suggests a manager doesn’t trust their team. Since the employees are so closely monitored, they assume their boss doesn’t believe they are capable enough to handle their duties without constant direction, and that can be frustrating and disheartening.

While remaining available to your staff and checking in regularly are good ideas, resist the urge to watch their every move. Give them some degree of autonomy, as long as they are meeting or exceeding expectations. Answer questions or provide direction if they ask, but otherwise trust in their capabilities until you are given a clear reason to be more involved. This will make your employees happier, mainly because they feel the company trusts them.

Failing to Align With Company Values

Most companies have values statements that are supposed to be a guiding light for operations. However, if management or the company’s direction don’t align with the values, the disconnect harms your culture.

Employees look to organizational leaders as guides. If managers or the business act in a way that goes against any stated values, it appears hypocritical. This is especially true if employees are held to a standard leaders aren’t following, something that also makes it seem as if accountability isn’t important.

Make sure your company has clear values, first and foremost. Then, strive to ensure all members of the leadership ranks hold those values dear and make decisions based on them. That way, everything is in alignment.

Ultimately, the three business culture mistakes above can be very harmful to an organization. By avoiding them, you can create a positive culture, something that can help with both recruiting and retention. If you’d like to learn more, the staff at The Advance Group can help. Contact us to discuss your questions with a member of our knowledgeable team today and see how our company culture expertise can benefit you.






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