The Advance Group’s Southgate Branch Staffing Stars!

Molly, Stephanie, Donna and Tyler from our Southgate office wanted to say thank you to these Staffing Stars!

  • John Cogan– John has been on the same assignment for The Advance Group for over 4 years!  In that time, John has consistently proven to be a reliable employee and taken on overtime hours when available.  He has also shown a willingness to learn new skills and accept different tasks, this has helped him advance his career with The Advance Group! Thank You John for your continued hard work!
  • Adam Thomas- For National Staffing Employee Week, The Advance Group would like to highlight Adam Thomas. Adam has great attendance and motivation, always willing to learn new things and do whatever is needed to get the job done! Thanks to Adam’s dedication he was recently hired in with his current employer. We appreciate Adam’s hard work and wish him the best with his future endeavors!
  • Steve Butt- The Advance Group wishes to express gratitude to Steve Butt for his hard work and dedication. When Steve came to The Advance Group, he was eager to get to work and was placed on assignment right away. Since he’s been employed by The Advance Group, he’s proven to be an outstanding employee. He is striving to be hired in at his current job site and we wish him all the best!
  • Miguel Hernandez- Miguel Hernandez is one of our employees we wanted to acknowledge for National Staffing Employee Week. Miguel has worked at the same company for over 10 months! While he has been on assignment he has had excellent attendance and has referred great candidates. We appreciate Miguel’s hard work and referrals!






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