Set Your Job Search Up for Success Now (Even If You Aren’t Looking Yet!)

Launching into a full-blown job search during the holiday season might not be appealing. After all, it can be a hectic time of year, particularly if you are already employed and are juggling your professional and personal obligations.

However, even if the idea of looking for a new opportunity isn’t on your to-do list today, if you plan on starting a search soon, it’s wise to spend a little time preparing. By doing so, you can set your job search up for success now, making it easier once you do decide to get moving.

If you want to make sure you are fully prepared for an upcoming job search, here are a few things worth doing today.

Make Connections

The holiday season is all about connecting, making it an ideal time to reach out to your network, and keep those relationships secure. If you haven’t checked in with a contact recently, now is a natural time to reach out. You can send a simple message wishing them happy holidays and asking how they are doing. Then, you can rekindle that connection before you discuss your upcoming job search.

Additionally, you can review your network to see if anyone is missing. If you haven’t added a former boss or coworker to your LinkedIn contacts, it’s a great time to reach out. Again, you can lead off with a friendly, “happy holidays” to get the conversation rolling, making it feel natural and a part of the season.

Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile

While you might not want to update your profile just yet fully, consider handling a few small adjustments. For example, if you haven’t refreshed your profile photo in a while, consider handling that. Also, review your headline and tweak it, if necessary. You want to make sure it feels engaging and current, ensuring it will make a positive impact once you initiate your search.

Additionally, consider updating your settings to let the LinkedIn community you are open to opportunities. This is a way to get started with a somewhat passive job search, as it allows hiring managers and recruiters to come to you. If you do this as well, you might want to boost your professional summary, too. Then, those who see your profile can learn about what you have to offer with a quick skim.

Create a Master Resume

Having your resume in order before you start a search is always a smart move. However, you might think that you can’t do much now, particularly since you want to target it for each position you pursue. In reality, you can get a head start on this part of the process by taking a little time to create a master resume.

With a master resume, you include every potentially relevant detail about your professional history. You don’t have to worry about the length of the document. Instead, the goal is to get every achievement and skill written down, quantifying the details when possible.

Then, when you launch your search, targeting your resume is a breeze. You open your master resume, delete the points that aren’t highly relevant to that role, and reorder them based on the company’s priorities. After that, you save that version of your resume separate from your master document and submit that variant for that particular job. Often, this approach is a significant time-saver in the long-run.

Ultimately, all of the steps above can allow you to set your job search up for success now, even if you don’t plan on starting right away. If you’d like to learn more, the team at The Advance Group can help. Contact us to speak with one of our recruiters today and see how our expertise can benefit you.






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