Start Searching for a Better General Labor Position Now!

Many professionals have vowed to make 2020 the year they find a better job. If you are looking for a new general labor position, now is a great time to launch your search. However, if you want to make progress quickly, you also need to make sure that you are using the right approach.

If you want to find a better general labor position now, here’s what you need to do.

Define Your Ideal Role

The term “general labor” can mean a lot of things. For some employers, it involves warehouse work. If you find a position with a manufacturer, it may focus more on production duties, packaging, or even light maintenance. While these roles can be a bit different, they do have one thing in common; the work is physical in nature.

If you want to find a better general labor job, then you need to determine what that means to you. Consider the kinds of duties you’d like to perform and which you’d rather avoid. That way, you can keep those points in mind during your search, allowing you to focus on options that best meet your needs and align with your preferences.

Also, evaluate your skillset to determine which opportunities match with your experience and capabilities. This is wise because some roles require specific knowledge, like how to use certain hand tools or operate various pieces of equipment. Then, you’ll be able to assess the kinds of positions you may qualify for, enabling you to focus your search on jobs that you have the best chance of landing.

Use Search Filters and Keywords

If you search “general labor jobs” in a search engine, you’re going to get more results than you could reasonably explore. Plus, many of them won’t be great fits, causing your search to be inefficient.

When you want to find a better general labor position, you need to embrace keywords and filters. First, define your location to make sure only local opportunities end up in your results. Next, include keywords that align with your preferred duties and skill set. Then, you can also add in other details, like pay rates and shift preferences, to narrow things down further.

As you search, don’t be afraid to adjust your filters and keywords. By shaking things up a little, you might discover an opportunity that you previously missed.

Also, use multiple resources. For example, you might want to try using a search engine as well as hitting numerous job boards. Conducting searches on social media might be beneficial, as well.

Connect With a Staffing Firm

If you are looking for a short-term or permanent general labor position, working with a recruiter at a staffing agency can be a great move. When you do, you can find out about opportunities in your area, including some that may not be publicly advertised. Plus, some recruitment agencies are the sole hiring resource for certain companies. If you don’t reach out to a recruiter, you can’t access these open jobs.

Working with a staffing firm can also expedite your job search. Instead of searching for weeks, months, or longer, you might be able to land a general labor position practically right away. If you want to work with a leading recruitment agency to find your next job, the team at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us to speak with one of our recruiters about our vacancies today and see how our services can make landing a better general labor job as simple as possible.






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