Work-Life Balance Is Possible (But Not Easy!) for New Parents

Many professionals know someone who seems to have it all together. Maybe it’s a working couple with children who makes it look like juggling their professional and family obligations is a breeze. It could even be images on social media of people living their “best lives,” bouncing from their kids’ soccer games to vacations all while being a top performer at work.

This can make it look like achieving an ideal work-life balance is natural or, at least, like those who pull it off are harboring some secret that makes it all possible. However, while it is often challenging, any new parents can pull it off. If you’re wondering how, here’s what you need to know.

Make the Most of Your Early Morning Hours

Getting up an hour or two before the children can give you the time you need to thrive. It gives you the ability to start your day without interruptions, making it easier to handle some work duties or household responsibilities. You could also use your early morning hours as “me” time, enabling you to squeeze in a workout, catch up on some reading, or enjoy a cup of coffee quietly.

Adopt a Project Manager Mindset

Project management is all about organization and scheduling. While outlining how you’ll spend every hour of your day (and even blocking out time for relaxing or spending time together as a family) might seem overkill, it can give you a substantial amount of control.

Plus, it reduces the odds that something will be overlooked. You won’t have to scramble or wonder if you aren’t adequately prepared for the next activity. You’ll have everything blocked out. As long as you follow the system, you can take charge of your day.

Just make sure that you also put your work breaks, family time, and personal tasks in your calendar. Additionally, set notifications that can tell you when it’s time to switch gears. That way, you won’t neglect yourself or your loved ones along the way.

Make the Most of Your Benefits

Many companies have policies or programs that are family- or new parent-friendly. This can include maternity and paternity leave, flexible schedules, telecommuting arrangements, daycare agreements, and much more.

Whether you are a new parent, have a child on the way, or have growing kids, review your employee handbook. See if there is a benefit that you haven’t been using and see if there is a way to maximize it.

Ultimately, it is possible to maintain your work-life balance as a new parent. While it can take some effort and planning, once you have the strategies in place, it’s easier to keep things in order.

If you’d like to learn more about managing your personal and professional life efficiently, the skilled team at The Advance Group can help. Contact us to speak with a member of our knowledgeable and experienced staff today and see how our expertise can benefit you or help you find a job better suited to your family’s lifestyle.






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