Ghosted by a New Hire? We Can Fix That!

The hiring process can seemingly take ages. You’ll spend weeks reviewing resumes, screening candidates, conducting interviews, and finalizing the job offer. That’s why, when a new hire ghosts you, it’s so frustrating. You have already spent a significant amount of time and energy, finding the ideal job seeker. Then, they just don’t show up.

Many companies believe that, when they are ghosted, their only choice is to relaunch their hiring process. This is especially true in a tight labor market, as your second, third, or even fourth choice candidates may no longer be available.

However, that isn’t your only option. The team at The Advance Group can help. If you are wondering how we can fix your problem after a new hire ghosts you, here’s what you need to know about our services.

Rapid Temporary Staffing

Sometimes, when a new hire ghosts you, you need a moment to regain your footing before you work to fill the role again permanently. But you also need to maintain full productivity, so having the vacant spot is less than ideal. Luckily, there’s a way to find a great candidate that will fill that gap, for now, giving you a chance to plot your next move.

With The Advance Group’s temporary staffing services, we can get a great short-term worker to you quickly. We actively recruit and thoroughly screen professionals from all walks of life, including some who aren’t looking for permanent positions. After contacting us, we can identify a reliable, qualified job seeker who is open to short-term work. That way, you can augment your workforce now, all while giving you the space to make a change once you get your bearings.

Temp-to-Hire Arrangements

Sometimes, a new hire doesn’t work out because they weren’t a great fit for the job. While they may have looked good on paper, it became clear that they weren’t suited for the work once they started in the role. As a result, they decided to walk away because it wasn’t the right fit.

If you want to avoid that scenario, The Advance Group’s temp-to-hire program can be an ideal option. After choosing one of our prescreened candidates, you can bring them onto your team temporarily. This allows you to evaluate their capabilities while they assess whether the job feels right to them. If it’s a match, you can extend a permanent job offer. If not, you can dismiss them from the role and bring in another candidate quickly.

Direct Hire Services

Sometimes, the best way to improve your hiring outcomes is to partner with recruitment specialists. Through The Advance Group direct hire program, our recruiters will identify and screen qualified candidates, tapping our massive talent pool and presenting you with the best options available.

You can then screen the candidates further and choose the ideal match. Not only is this approach designed to produce results, but it’s also incredibly efficient and cost-effective.

If a new hire has ghosted you and you want to explore the options above, the staff at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today and see how our services can benefit you.






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