Your Onboarding Needs an Overhaul

When you bring in a new hire, first impressions matter. Your company’s onboarding process impacts how they perceive their new employer. Additionally, it can either set them up for success or increase their odds of failure.

Without an effective onboarding process, a new employee may feel ill-prepared. If that’s the case, it may take them longer to reach full productivity. In the worst-case scenario, a bad onboarding experience can increase errors and spur turnover, both of which can harm your business.

Regularly reviewing your onboarding process is critical for your company’s long-term success. If your onboarding process needs an overhaul, here are a few approaches that can help you whip it into shape.

Begin Before Day One

If a company wants to make a great first impression, it should start the onboarding process well before the new hire’s first day. It’s wise to prepare anything the employee will need to handle their duties, such as computer or building access, well ahead of their start date. That way, they aren’t stuck waiting around for the basics and can start handling their tasks sooner.

Additionally, sending out a new hire checklist, essential employment paperwork, and the employee handbook in advance can be a smart move. The new employee can review the information and complete forms that are part of the administrative process before their first day.

Give a Thorough Tour with Introductions

It takes time for a new hire to acclimate to their environment. With a thorough facility tour, you can speed this process up. Along with showing them their work area, make stops at other parts of the building, like break rooms, bathrooms, and conference rooms.

As the tour moves forward, also take the new hire to meet critical employees, managers, and leaders. For example, introduce them to an HR employee, giving them a point of contact for questions. Formally introduce them to every member of their team as well as the department head or company leader. This process familiarizes them with critical people, which can smooth their transition.

Set Clear Expectations

If you want an employee to thrive, they need to know what is expected of them. During the onboarding process, spend some time going over the company culture and standard etiquette. This reduces the chances that they’ll act inappropriately by mistake.

Additionally, outline what is expected of them in regards to their performance. Outline the nature of their role and core duties. Discuss work-quality and priority tasks. Set goals for their first week, month, and quarter, at a minimum.

By setting clear expectations early, the new hire knows what they need to do to excel. It gives them direction, and that can make a significant amount of difference.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can overhaul your onboarding process, the skilled professionals at The Advance Group can help. Contact us to speak with a member of our talented staff today and see how our onboarding expertise can benefit you.






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