5 Tips for Getting Back to Work Today

The COVID-19 pandemic spurred widespread layoffs and company closures. Tens of millions of Americans found themselves suddenly unemployed. In most cases, those who were out of a job qualified for unemployment benefits, at times worth more than their original paycheck. While this could make waiting to find a job seem like the right idea, it isn’t.

By delaying a job search, you may face greater competition when you need a job. Large groups of unemployed individuals will see their benefits end at about the same time, pushing them all into the market simultaneously. Additionally, when your payments are close to finishing, you may have to secure a job quickly to maintain a source of income. This could leave you saying “yes” to a role that isn’t a great fit.

Luckily, it’s possible to avoid those issues by launching a job search now. If you want to get back to work quickly and find a great opportunity, here are five tips that can help.

  1. Refresh Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

If you haven’t updated your resume or LinkedIn profile since being laid off, take a moment to do that before you start searching for positions. That way, you can add details about your last role, including relevant accomplishments that may catch a hiring manager’s eye.

Once the update is complete, you’ll only need to make slight tweaks to your resume when you apply to a role. Targeting your resume can be a fast process, suggesting that your core resume is in good shape.

  1. Tap Your Network for Help

A direct referral can be a great way to land a job, but you usually have to let your network know that you’re interested in opportunities for this route to open up. If you haven’t tapped your network, now is a great time to reach out and ask for their help.

Let your network know what kind of position you’re looking for and ask that they let you know if they become aware of an open job. If you have strong relationships with those you contact, they’ll likely be happy to lend a hand.

  1. Join the Gig Economy

Freelancing and gig work can be a great way to close the gap before you can find a permanent position. At times, freelancing can even turn into a career, allowing you to pick and chose your projects and transition between them when the need arises.

  1. Be Open to Temporary Jobs

Temporary jobs can be another excellent way to earn an income. There are opportunities in nearly every field and industry, giving you a chance to put your skillset to work. Along the way, you may get to acquire new skills, explore different kinds of roles, and find out about different directions you may want to take your career.

Plus, many temporary jobs go permanent. If you shine in the position, there’s a chance the company will make you an offer, allowing you to join their long-term team.

  1. Connect with a Recruiter

If you need to find a job fast, working with a recruiter can be an ideal choice. Staffing firms are well-connected in their communities, giving them access to several openings. Plus, the hiring process is often quicker, enabling you to start earning a paycheck faster.

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