Planning to Go Back to Your Workplace? You’ll Need These Three Things First

Many states are well into their reopenings, and professionals are heading back to their workplaces in increasing numbers. While this can be a positive sign economically, it also means introducing a health risk into your life. If you are about to head back, being prepared is a must if you want to stay safe. Here are three things you need to do before your first day.

1. Know the Signs of Infection and What to Do

You can’t help stop the spread of COVID-19 if you don’t know how to recognize a possible infection. Learn about the outward signs and symptoms, as well as how the virus could make you feel. That way, you can spot a potential infection quickly, ensuring that the proper steps are taken if you or a colleague become ill.

Also, take a moment to review any procedures your company has in place regarding infections. This can include policies for when to stay home, who to notify if someone may be ill, how workplace disinfection will occur, and more. By learning them now, you’ll be able to act appropriately should you or anyone else get sick.

2. Understand PPE Needs and Availability

Before you go back to your workplace, you want to evaluate your personal protective equipment (PPE) needs. Each position may have different requirements, so it’s wise to consider any risks that may come with your role and how to protect yourself against them.

Additionally, you need to consider PPE needs for staying safe from the coronavirus while at work. For example, are mechanisms in place that allow for social distancing, or will you need to wear a mask all day because staying apart isn’t an option?

Finally, you need to know who is responsible for providing various kinds of PPE. Your employer may make certain types available, though they may not handle others. Ideally, you want to speak with your manager before you head back. That way, you’ll know what they will have on-hand and what you need to bring in yourself.

3. A Plan for Keeping Others Safe

When you head back to your workplace, your chances of being exposed to the virus are higher than if you remained at home. As a result, you could represent a risk for other household members.

Ideally, you want to have a plan that allows you to ensure the safety of other people in your life. This could include not just taking certain precautions at work – like frequent handwashing and mask-wearing – but also steps you handle while on your way home.

For example, changing clothes before coming inside the house may be part of it. You may also want to take a shower right away.

Exactly what steps you need to take could vary depending on your unique situation. However, it’s best to figure these out in advance. That way, you’ll know what to do once you head out on your first day back at your workplace.

If you’d like to learn more about how to return to your workplace safety, the team at The Advance Group can help. Contact us today.






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