These Job Skills Are More Valuable Than Ever

Many hiring managers figured out that technical prowess doesn’t guarantee an employee’s success. While foundational hard skills may be necessary for starting in the role, missing ones can also be taught with relative ease.

However, that isn’t always the case with soft skills. Typically, these traits are a bit innate, a reflection of a person’s personality, and how they navigate the workplace. They aren’t easily taught, as they are more frequently learned over time and through life experience.

As a result, hiring for soft skills has become increasingly commonplace. That has made specific skills increasingly valuable for candidates. If you are wondering which ones you need to bring to the table, here are a few worth developing.


If the COVID-19 pandemic taught employers one thing, it’s the value of adaptability. Many companies had to embrace work-from-home approaches with little notice, and their workforce had to roll with this change, often without any training or prior telecommuting experience.

Professionals that adjusted quickly were coveted assets. They returned to full productivity faster, something that was a boon for employers. This has led many hiring managers to seek this trait out when screening candidates, increasing the odds that, if a sudden change happens again, their new hires can still thrive.


Another increasingly valuable soft skill is problem-solving capabilities. Employees who can think their way through issues, research potential approaches, identify new solutions, and implement their plan efficiently are often more effective in their jobs.

Plus, they may be more capable of solving complex problems without assistance, which is a bonus. This makes them more self-sufficient, something that most hiring managers appreciate.


Creativity is incredibly valuable in the workplace. Not only can it bolster an employee’s problem-solving abilities, but it can also spur innovation. When a worker is creative, they are adept at examining situations from unique perspectives, identifying unconventional approaches, and embracing the unknown. All of this can work in an employer’s favor, which is why many hiring managers seek out this trait in candidates.

Emotional Intelligence

In the workplace, emotional intelligence can make it easier for an employee to thrive. Those who have it tend to be highly self-aware as well as in-tune with how others are thinking and feeling. They can adjust their approach based on the personalities around them and are skilled at reading between the lines. Generally, they tend to be understanding and empathetic, though they also understand how to set appropriate professional boundaries.

Ultimately, all of the job skills above are increasingly valuable in the eyes of hiring managers. If you would like to learn more about what today’s employers want to find and how you can showcase yourself as an ideal candidate, the skilled team at The Advance Group can help. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable recruiters today and see how our skill development expertise can benefit your job search.






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