This Hiring Secret Is Good News for Michigan Businesses

Many Michigan businesses have been struggling with hiring challenges. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment was low, especially in specific sectors like technology. If your goal was to secure in-demand talent, you ran the risk of positions remaining open for a period, a move that could result in a better quality higher put sacrificed productivity in the long-term.

Today, Michigan is facing new difficulties. The COVID-19 made specific traditional hiring mechanisms, mainly in-person interviews, highly undesirable. However, it also created a shift in the available workforce, leading to a unique opportunity.

If your Michigan company has had trouble hiring in the recent past, here’s a secret that spells good news for your business.

Many Talented Professionals Are on the Market

The COVID-19 pandemic created an unexpected situation. Stay-at-home orders and the elimination of operations for many non-essential businesses resulted in widespread layoffs. At times, companies had little choice but to let their entire staffs go, as they simply didn’t have the income or funds available to support their workforce.

Many of those who were laid off are exceptionally talented. They lost their jobs through no fault of their own, as their employers would have happily kept them on board if circumstances were different.

Additionally, a reasonable percentage of these professionals were passive candidates at best. Some of them actually had no intention of seeking out new opportunities until they were caught in a COVID-19 layoff.

As a result, there are skilled professionals actively seeking out positions today who typically wouldn’t be on the market. This creates a unique opportunity for employers, particularly those who need in-demand skillsets for their open positions.

How to Take Advantage of the Talent Influx

If your company has hiring needs and wants to take advantage of the increased availability of talent, you have to act quickly. Just as before, candidates with in-demand skills won’t stay on the market for long, even with the pandemic still creating concerns in the background. Companies are going to scoop them up fast, so you can’t afford to delay.

Additionally, you need to be reasonable. While high unemployment numbers may make it appear as if you can lower your salary offers and still land a great candidate, that isn’t actually the case. Many professionals were receiving a substantial amount of unemployment, so they aren’t forced to take a below-market-value offer. Plus, many employers are going to see the value these top performers bring to the table, so there’s a good chance your competition is going to make a firm offer if they get the chance.

Ultimately, the hiring landscape in Michigan is changed, at least for the time being. That’s good news for employers who need to fill vacancies, as you may be able to secure quality candidates that weren’t previously available.

If you want to access to some of Michigan’s most talented job seekers, the team at The Advance Group can help. Contact us to speak with one of our recruitment specialists today and see how our hiring services can make reaching top candidates easier than ever before.






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