Unemployed? Do These 3 Things Today!

When you’re unemployed, your first priority is often finding new opportunities. While a job search can certainly be a lot of work, that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing you should be doing with your time.

Certain other activities can be incredibly beneficial. If you’re unemployed and want to set yourself up for long-term success, here are three things you need to be doing.

1. Volunteering

When you volunteer strategically, you can accomplish several things. First, you can make sure that there isn’t a gap in your resume. By finding a position where you can put your professional skills to work, you are keeping your skills relevant and maintaining your capabilities, both of which play in your favor.

Second, volunteering can be incredibly rewarding. If you are supporting a cause you care about, there are intrinsic benefits. Feeling like you are making a difference can be a big morale booster. That can make it easier to keep your energy levels up while you look for a new job, and may make you more resilient if you encounter difficulties along the way.

2. Skill Building

A period of unemployment can be an ideal time for skill-building. You can focus on complicated coursework, increasing the odds that you can grow your capabilities relatively quickly.

Along the way, you also make yourself a stronger candidate. You can market your new skills and add them to your resume, which may qualify you for more opportunities, too.

Plus, if you sign up for college courses, boot camps, or other formal learning opportunities you can add to your resume, you are also preventing a gap. Hiring managers often view educational pursuits as being as valid as working, so the time away from the workforce won’t damage your prospects.

3. Brand Building

If you haven’t revamped your online brand recently, now is a perfect time. Along with refining your LinkedIn, Facebook, or other profiles you’ll use during your job search, you can spend time establishing your expertise.

For example, you can create blog posts that highlight your knowledge base. Additionally, you can engage with thought leaders, join professional groups, and otherwise engage with others who are interested in your niche.

With a little bit of time, you can enhance your online brand. Then, as you’re applying for jobs, it can work in your favor. Remember, many hiring managers research candidates online. By boosting your brand, you increase the odds that they’ll be impressed by what they find.

Plus, it may make you more attractive to recruiters. It’s a way to job search passively, as an intrigued recruiter may reach out to you about opportunities, instead of you having to initiate the first contact.

Ultimately, all three of the steps above are smart if you are unemployed. If you’d like to learn more, the staff at The Advance Group can help. Contact us to speak with one of our recruiters today and see how our job search and career advancement expertise can benefit you.






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