Now Is the Perfect Time to Find a New Temporary Job

Many people are surprised when they hear that now is an excellent time to find a new temporary job, but it’s true. Companies are hiring, and there are opportunities available in a variety of industries.

Plus, many short-term positions are offering higher pay rates than usual. That means finding a temporary job today could be more lucrative than ever before, making it an even smarter decision.

If you are wondering why now is the perfect time to find a new temporary job with The Advance Group, here’s what you need to know.

Demand for Temporary Workers Is Rising

While COVID-19 initially led to widespread unemployment, it has also created some unique opportunities. Many companies are having to adjust their staffing levels based on expected fluctuations in demand. As a result, they are hiring temporary workers to handle short-term increases and to provide them with much-needed agility.

However, that’s not the only catalyst for the rising need for short-term hires. Many businesses are preparing to ramp up for the holiday season, and that means securing enough seasonal talent to support accelerating operations. Scaling up is usually a process, so many of the area’s leading employers are already getting started. That way, they can secure the best and brightest, and make sure they are fully trained, before demand really kicks up a notch.

Pay Rates Are Increasing, Too

Many people assume that higher unemployment leads to falling wages. After all, more people are potentially looking for work, increasing competition among candidates.

While declining pay rates can happen, during COVID-19, it isn’t the case. The federal government bumped up unemployment benefits, offering an additional $600 a week to those who lost their jobs. While that amount later declined to $400, and it won’t remain in place for long, companies had to adapt their offerings. After all, candidates won’t be interested in temporary positions if they don’t pay more than they can receive through their benefits.

Savvy professionals are taking advantage of these rising pay rates, scooping up lucrative temporary jobs while they are available. That way, they can earn a healthy living while still exploring other long-term opportunities, or stash away some cash before taking another break from the workforce.

Find Your Next Temporary Job Today

Temporary jobs with some of the area’s leading employers are available. If you want to find a short-term position with excellent pay, The Advance Group can help.

Our recruiters will discuss your skills and experience, as well as review your needs and preferences. Then, they’ll help match you to an exciting opportunity, ensuring you can start working in the perfect short-term position as quickly as possible.

If you are ready to launch your temporary job search, the team at The Advance Group wants to hear from you right away. Contact us to connect with one of our skilled recruiters today and see how our services can make finding the right short-term position as easy as possible.






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