Is Now the Right Time for Taking Risks? (You Might Be Surprised…)

Due to COVID-19, the world is experiencing an unprecedented level of flux. The business landscape had to change quickly, adjusting the shifting priorities and alterations to traditional workplace paradigms. While the degree of uncertainty leads many to believe that now is the time for caution, when it comes to your career, that may not be the case.

Tumultuous times can be an opportunity. With the dramatic shifts may companies are navigating, you may get a chance to do something incredible. While you may have to take a leap to make the most of what’s suddenly possible, if you don’t, it could mean missing out on a once in a lifetime experience.

If you are considering taking a career risk or are wondering why now could be the right time to do so, here’s what you need to know.

There Is Risk in Every Career Decision

When most professionals think about career risk, they envision making an unconventional move. This could include changing fields, taking on a high-difficulty project, or anything else that could negatively affect if it doesn’t go to plan.

The thing is, every career decision is a risk; some are just more obvious than others. While changing fields or even securing a new job involves clear risks, choosing to ride out the storm and wait until things calm does, too.

Being overly cautious or risk-averse means you may let an opportunity pass you by. Your growth could slow or stall entirely, harming your career over the long-term. Essentially, staying in one position too long can encourage stagnation or hinder your ability to achieve your overall career goals.

It’s important to understand that all career decisions come with risk. When you begin examining your choices from that perspective, what initially seemed bold might not seem so outlandish after a bit of reflection.

You Can Limit Risk Through Vetting

Being open to taking a risk doesn’t mean you have to leap blindly. Assessing an opportunity to see if the potential pros outweigh the possible cons is a smart move. Not only does this allow you to ascertain the amount of risk, but you can also explore its nature. You can then decide if the rewards make it worth pursuing and identify paths that allow you to reduce the odds of a negative outcome.

Ultimately, taking a risk is going to feel uncomfortable. A bit of anxiety and stress comes with the territory. However, with proper vetting, you can ease your mind to a degree. Plus, you can develop a larger plan for pursuing the opportunity, including figuring out how to navigate or respond to any issues that could potentially arise on the way.

A bit of risk-taking can be incredibly beneficial for your career. With the business world shifting, opportunities may be arising that may not be available later. As a result, every professional should keep an open mind and maintain a level of vigilance. That way, if the right option comes along, you would let it pass you by.

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