Don’t Make These 2020 Job Search Mistakes at the Last Minute

Job searching during the pandemic is challenging. Not only did unemployment skyrocket as shelter-in-place orders became common, but many industries are still hindered by group-size and operational restrictions put in place to keep the population safe.

While many had hoped COVID-19 would be short-lived, it is still a factor. It is also leading some candidates to make job search mistakes that may not have occurred under different conditions.

If you’re trying to secure a new opportunity, it’s critical to avoid missteps. With that in mind, here are some job search mistakes that you need to avoid.


If you lost your job early in the pandemic and your unemployment is coming to an end, it’s normal to be anxious about your career. Even if that doesn’t apply to you, the mere nature of the job market may be daunting enough to leave you on edge.

However, even if you’re feeling a bit of panic, you need to make sure you don’t come across as desperate during your job search. Avoid following up too often. Don’t make declarations about your willingness to take a step back professionally or to accept a much lower salary.

Hiring managers will focus on candidates that view the job as an opportunity, not just a paycheck or a form of security. When you apply or interview, concentrate on your passion for the field, and excitement about the role, increasing the odds that you’ll make a good impression.

Too Many Applications

While it may seem like tossing your resume out to every employer in the area will help you get a job, it won’t. In fact, applying to every position can actually hurt your chances of landing a job.

When you don’t focus on positions that align with your skills, two things happen. First, if the company uses an applicant tracking system (ATS), you’ll probably get screened out before the hiring manager ever sees your resume. That means you wasted time on an application that wasn’t going to yield results.

Second, if you apply to multiple openings at one company and none of them are a good fit, you may damage your reputation. Hiring managers, recruiters, and HR professionals will start recognizing your name and associate it with an application that didn’t match. At times, that may lead them to pass you over even if you could do the job.

Always focus your job search on positions that are a strong fit. That way, you make the best use of your time and increase your odds of success.

Skipping Working with a Recruiter

Some professionals assume that they don’t need to connect with a recruiter to land a great job. While that can certainly be the case, that doesn’t mean a recruiter isn’t an excellent ally to have by your side.

When you connect with a staffing firm, you get access to a recruitment professional who can help you find right-fit opportunities. Additionally, the recruitment agency might be the sole hiring source for certain area employers, giving you a chance to land those positions.

Finally, recruiters can help you refine your approach. They can assist you with targeting your resume or ensure your interview skills are honed. That way, when the right role comes along, you’ll be in the best position possible.

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