Use These Tips to Stay on Top of Your Local Market (Even Now!)

During COVID-19, business development fell by the wayside for many companies. Instead, their focus was on mere survival, ensuring they could navigate the complexities of an ever-evolving situation.

Today, while the pandemic is still part of the equation, the landscape is steadying in many parts of the country. Re-opening efforts have given area companies more options, and the familiarity of the climate allows business development to re-enter the picture.

While figuring out how to stay on top of your local market may seem more daunting today than in past years, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here are some tips that can make keeping ahead of the competition easier.

Re-Examine Your Customer Base

Your primary customer base may also be feeling the impact of COVID-19. As a result, their needs may have shifted dramatically over the past months. If you aren’t aware of what’s changed, you may be aiming your advertising or sales efforts in the wrong direction.

Spend a little time re-examining the state of your customer base. Determine which segments have experienced hardships or alterations to their standard operating procedures. Figure out how demand for your products or services has shifted and to what degree things have changed.

The idea is to determine your best targets. That way, when it comes time to try and boost sales, you know what part of your customer base is most likely to be receptive.

Explore a Like-Minded Audience

When you determine which customer base segment is most in need of what you have to offer, begin researching other companies or consumers that align with that group. The idea is to find a like-minded audience who aren’t currently engaging with your business. That way, you can target a portion of the market who may be receptive to your sales efforts.

Often, finding these individuals or organizations requires a bit of research. However, it is usually worth the effort, as a portion of them may convert.

Attend Virtual Events

Due to the pandemic, many in-person conferences were canceled. However, a surprising number were quickly replaced with virtual events. These online versions still have a lot to offer. Along with being solid networking opportunities, many are brimming with speakers who openly share their expertise, including tips on staying ahead of the curve during the pandemic.

Plus, emerging trends are a common topic of conversation. Attending can be a great way to ensure you’re well-informed, making it a great way to keep your company on top.

Partner with a Staffing Firm

While filling vacancies should always be a priority, many companies are stretched thin, simply trying to navigate COVID-19. Luckily, by partnering with a skilled staffing firm, you can put your hiring into the hands of recruitment experts.

Not only is the approach effective, but it’s also cost-efficient. Plus, the recruiters understand the local labor force, know where to look to find in-demand skills, and often maintain a massive database of viable candidates, many of whom can start working immediately.

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