Turnover and Five Other HR Trends That Will Shape 2021

Every year, a particular set of trends is poised to shape the business world for the next 12 months. If you wonder what HR trends will impact 2021 the most, here are six that are likely to make waves in the coming months.

1. Turnover Remains a Top Challenge

Employee retention has always been a concern for companies. By limiting turnover, productivity and efficiency can often stay higher. Plus, the actions that generally lead to better retention often boost morale, leading to gains.

While some companies may assume that the pandemic will make turnover less of an issue, that isn’t necessarily the case. In some cases, pay cuts or salary increase delays related to cost management during COVID-19 will encourage some professionals to look elsewhere. Additionally, declining growth and advancement opportunities during this time may disincentivize staying, causing a higher turnover.

Companies need to focus on retention-boosting activities, pandemic or not. Along with offering fair wages, make sure employees feel valued and appreciated. Find opportunities to help them grow, too, such as by providing job shadowing or cross-training options. That way, you can keep your best and brightest on staff during this tumultuous time.

2. Social Responsibility in the Spotlight

COVID-19 wasn’t kind to companies or professionals alike. However, how businesses responded to the change impacted their reputation. Those that rose to the occasion and acted in socially responsible ways will be viewed as more attractive employers, while those that didn’t may see their employer brand diminish.

While companies can’t turn back the block, making social responsibility a priority now can make a difference. It will positively impact your reputation and culture, making you a more enticing employer.

3. The Rise of Remote Work

One thing the pandemic did was showcase the merits of telecommuting. Many professionals would favor the arrangement, particularly if it benefited their work-life balance. As a result, they may be hesitant to return to an always-in-the-office approach moving forward.

While companies don’t have to remain fully remote, having some form of flexible work policy might be a must. That way, they can meet the expectations of professionals who now know for a fact that they can flourish when working from home.

4. An Emphasis on Employee Wellness

The pandemic created a variety of hardships, including physical and mental health challenges. Companies can’t afford to ignore employee wellness, as promoting positive well-being is now a critical part of the equation.

Ideally, businesses should create well-rounded wellness programs, ensuring that physical and mental health is addressed. Additionally, any associated benefits need to be accessible to employees who may remain remote, ensuring everyone can participate.

5. Tech-Savvy Recruiting Methods

Today’s employers need to look beyond traditional application processes and job boards to connect with top talent. While those can be part of your overall recruitment approach, embracing tech options like chatbots, mobile-friendly application processes, and text-based recruitment activities is essential.

These options make it easier to connect with candidates, particularly those of younger generations. Additionally, it boosts your company’s employer brand, as you appear more innovative and tech-savvy.

6. Upskilling for Skill Gap Closure

Most companies are battling against some skill gap. While recruiting someone who has the needed capability is an option, it isn’t always simple to pull off if the skill is in-demand but isn’t widely available.

By shifting to an upskilling approach, companies can close gaps by training their team in those areas. It allows you to optimize your team’s capabilities while providing professional development opportunities that top performers typically crave.

Ultimately, each of the HR trends above will shape 2021. If you’d like to learn more, the team at The Advance Group can help. Contact us today.






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