Looking for a Job You Can Keep All Year? Look Here!

When most professionals launch job searches, their goal is to find a long-term position. Often, they turn to resources like job boards and social media, conducting cumbersome searches that don’t always yield results.

Regretfully, many job seekers overlook a powerful alternative to those burdensome job search approaches recruitment firms. At times, this is because some candidates assume that staffing agencies only fill short-term roles. As a result, they bypass partnering with a recruitment firm, a move that can be a major misstep.

At The Advance Group, we do more than fill temporary positions. Our team also places candidates in long-term roles, many of which can become permanent with the company. If you’re looking for a job you can keep all year, here’s why working with The Advance Group is a smart decision.

Long-Term Opportunities with The Advance Group

While The Advance Group team does fill temporary positions, much of what we handle is finding candidates for long-term jobs. This includes contract roles that can last an entire year, as well as jobs that have the potential to go permanent with the company.

We place candidates in a variety of fields and industries. In the industrial sector, we fill entry-level positions, management openings, and everything in between. No matter where you are in your industrial career, we may have an opportunity for you.

Additionally, our team also place administrative, clerical, and professional candidates. Whether you have accounting, human resources, mail processing, receptionist, dispatch, call center, or any other administrative skill set, we may have a long-term opportunity for you.

Not Happy with Your Position? We’ll Help You Find a New One

At The Advance Group, our goal is always to land you your ideal job the first time. We focus on making high-quality matches, ensuring candidates and companies find exactly what they need to thrive.

To make that happen, we spend time getting to know you, including what you have to offer as an employee and where your priorities and needs lie. That way, we can match you with right-fit opportunities, increasing the odds that you’ll be happy and productive today, tomorrow, and into the future.

However, if you’re ever dissatisfied with your role, you have choices. Since your long-term satisfaction is a priority, our team will help you explore alternatives if your current job isn’t meeting your needs or keeping you engaged.

After learning about what isn’t working in your present position, we’ll revisit your needs, preferences, and skillset. Your feedback will empower us to find a better match, giving you a chance to transition into a job that offers precisely what you require to succeed.

If you’re looking for a new job that you can keep all year, the staff at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us to speak with a member of our recruitment team today and see how our services can make landing your perfect position easier than ever before.






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