Remote Job Interview? Don’t Forget to Ask These Questions!

At the end of any job interview, you typically get a chance to ask the hiring manager a few questions. Usually, what you need to ask depends on the role you’re trying to land. However, if you’re interviewing for a remote position of almost any kind, certain questions are universal musts.

Remote positions aren’t entirely the same as their in-office counterparts. That’s why you need to ask questions specific to the arrangement, ensuring you can adequately assess what working in the position will be like and what the company has to offer you.

If you’re interviewing for a remote position and don’t know what to ask the hiring manager, here are a few questions to keep at the ready.

Is the Entire Team Remote, or Just This Position?

Understanding whether you’re part of a fully remote team is critical. It lets you know if other team members may be working together on-site or if you are all in the same boat and working from home.

While the hiring manager’s answer shouldn’t necessarily be a dealbreaker, it is important to understand that being the only remote employee on a team can introduce some challenges. In some ways, you’ll be the odd person out, and that may not be ideal. Additionally, the chances are high that the rest of your team will have an easier time bonding with each other since they are all in the same physical space.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should bypass the job. Instead, you need to be ready to navigate the challenges that may arise if you’re the only remote worker.

What Are Your Expectations Regarding Work Hours?

Remote positions aren’t automatically fully flexible when it comes to when you work. You may be working from home and have to follow a more traditional schedule, ensuring you are actively available and productive during the same hours as everyone else.

It’s wise to ask the hiring manager what their expectations are regarding work hours. That way, you can find out exactly how flexible the job is before moving forward in the hiring process.

What Solutions, Tools, and Equipment Does the Company Provide to Remote Employees?

Knowing what tools you’ll have at your disposal is a must. This is particularly true when it comes to collaboration and communication solutions and security mechanisms like VPN or remote desktop connections. Additionally, it gives you a chance to determine what kind of physical equipment will be provided by the company.

Ideally, the hiring manager is going to be able to give you a reasonably thorough answer featuring some specifics. If they can’t clearly outline what’ll be available, that should be considered a red flag, as it may suggest that the company doesn’t offer much in the way of supportive tools, equipment, and technology solutions.

How Is Feedback Delivered to Remote Employees?

When you work in an office, a manager can offer you a quick “thank you” or some insights into your performance with ease. However, in a remote role, organic opportunities for fast feedback don’t often arise. As a result, it’s wise to ask how feedback is delivered, ensuring you know about the kinds of efforts the manager may make and whether they would meet your needs.

Ultimately, each of the questions above is worth asking at the end of your remote job interview. If you’d like to find out more, the team at The Advance Group can help. Contact us today.






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