Keeping Your Off-Site Team on Track

Overseeing an off-site team means dealing with a variety of challenges. It cannot be easy to keep everyone on target when they are not working in the same office. Plus, communication, collaboration, and motivation can be tricky to manage.

Luckily, by using the right strategy, you can keep your remote team on track. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some tips that can help.

Embrace Public Task Tracking

While each worker may have a unique set of responsibilities, using public task tracking options can be beneficial. Sharing activity details with everyone creates a sense of accountability, as each person’s workload becomes highly visible.

Additionally, this simplifies progress monitoring for joint projects. Every team member can see where the others are when it comes to their project-related responsibilities. This limits the need for active check-ins, as simply reviewing the lists provides the needed amount of insight.

At times, something as simple as a task list can do the trick. However, you can also use more robust collaboration or project management software. With the latter approach, you’ll also gain additional functionality that may boost productivity, such as built-in messaging and file-sharing.

Schedule Regular Check-ins

Touching base with every team member regularly can improve your visibility into their activities. A simple weekly video call can be incredibly effective. It serves as a platform for progress updates, creates opportunities for asking questions, and invites a level of dialog missing from other communication methods.

Additionally, with regular video calls, you get a chance to address each team member’s morale and motivation needs. You can learn about their individual struggles, allowing you to work with them to improve the situation.

Establish Your Own Routine

Maintaining your own routine can influence your team. A degree of predictability allows them to anticipate when you may be available for questions or insights, enabling them to time when they reach out effectively.

Further, a routine helps you develop beneficial patterns that boost your productivity. You can ensure that you have enough time to handle your own responsibilities, decreasing the odds that you’ll fall behind or get rushed during the day.

Use Recognition and Incentives

Both recognition and incentives are powerful tools for keeping your team on track. By acknowledging their efforts and offering praise when it’s due, you can bolster morale. When employees feel appreciated, productivity also tends to be higher.

With incentives, you are creating a reward for meeting milestones or exceeding expectations. It’s a great option for boosting motivation, acting as a source of encouragement for going the extra mile.

By using group rewards, you can also boost collaboration and teamwork. It creates a sense of comradery and can improve accountability, ensuring everyone works together to achieve the desired goal.

Ultimately, while keeping an off-site team on track can be challenging, the tips above can simplify it. If you’d like to learn more about how to motivate and guide your remote workforce, the staff at The Advance Group can help. Contact us today.






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