Job Applicant Priorities Have Changed. Here’s How to Keep Up!

Due to the pandemic, expectations about employment have shifted. Professionals have new priorities, causing them to favor different kinds of opportunities than they did previously.

By adapting to these shifts in candidate sentiment, you can increase your odds of connecting with top talent. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some tips that can help you address these emerging priorities.

Offer the Right Benefits

The pandemic put a spotlight on certain benefits, particularly medical insurance, and sick leave. Today’s job seekers are looking for options that make caring for their health easier, ensuring they have the right coverage and leave options should they fall ill.

However, other benefits have also become priorities. Flexible schedules, work-life balance benefits, wellness initiatives, and similar options are also highly sought, particularly among those who qualify as top talent.

Adopt a Safety-First Mindset

How an employer acted during the pandemic matters to job seekers today. Many of them now favor companies with a safety-first mindset, as they feel those employers are better equipped to keep them healthy.

Along with stating that safety is a priority, make sure to discuss any programs that help you ensure the health of your teams. For example, if the company provides PPE, make that clear. You can also highlight safety committees, training, and other strategies your organization uses to address concerns and ensure everyone is aware of best practices.

Embrace Remote Work

The pandemic gave many professionals a chance to experience life as remote employees. While not all professionals intend to telecommute long-term, many have found value in the arrangement. As a result, they prefer employers who support remote work arrangements, either on a full- or part-time basis.

If a position can feasibly be handled at least part of the time remotely, consider creating a policy that addresses that arrangement. Then, share those details openly, ensuring job seekers are aware of what’s available.

Offer Contract Positions

Since the job market is very competitive, many professionals are open to alternative options, including contract positions. Companies with a short-term need for an in-demand skill set should consider this an opportunity, as it may make it easier to access the kind of professionals they need for special projects.

Plus, if you could potentially use those skills long-term, you can use a contract role as a form of a working interview. You can see how the candidate meshes with your environment and performs in the position before extending a formal offer of permanent employment. That way, you can ensure it’s a great fit before you move forward.

Ultimately, job seeker priorities have changed, altering the recruitment landscape. By addressing the points above, you can make your company a more attractive option, ensuring that you can connect with the high-quality candidates your organization needs to thrive.

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