How to Stand Out in Your Michigan Job Interview!

Succeeding during a job interview requires more than simply showcasing that you have the right skills and experience for the role; you also need to stand out from the competition. Being memorable and engaging while also coming across as capable and confident can be tricky, but it’s a must if you want to become the top candidate for the role.

By using the right approach, you can increase your odds of acing your interview on every level. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some tips that can help.

Be (Genuinely) Enthusiastic

Enthusiasm can make a huge difference during your job interview. Typically, hiring managers want to find candidates passionate about their field and the role, and the company. As a result, letting some of your excitement for the opportunity and your career can work in your favor.

However, as with all things during an interview, it’s essential to be genuine. Attempting to fake enthusiasm rarely works, as most hiring managers are adept at identifying when a candidate is trying too hard to convey an emotion.

Luckily, adding genuine enthusiasm can be easy. When you prepare for the interview, find achievements in your past that legitimately make you smile. Also, research the company to discover details that ignite your excitement, such as its broader mission, its culture, or projects that come with the job. That way, you’ll actually be excited when you speak.

Have Some Personality

While it’s important to remain professional during an interview, that doesn’t mean you need to be devoid of personality. In fact, it’s often better to be yourself. By doing so, you can increase your odds of figuring out if the workplace is a good culture fit while also standing out from the competition.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should be too casual. Instead, consider how you act with colleagues or managers you’ve known for quite some time and use that as a guide.

Sprinkle in Some Company Details

If you really want to stand out during your interview, mentioning some details about the company when you answer questions can be a great way to do it. For example, adding in a tidbit about the company’s values, a recent accomplishment of theirs, or similar information shows that you took the time to learn what the organization is about, which can go a long way.

Send a Thank You Note

With a thank you note after your job interview, you have a chance to close out strong and leave a lasting positive impression. It’s a simple gesture but an impactful one.

Everyone likes feeling appreciated, so a well-thought-out thank you email can bring a smile to the hiring manager’s face. Plus, it’s another chance to highlight an achievement, address a point you may have missed during the interview, showcase your enthusiasm, and otherwise position yourself as an exceptional candidate.

Do you want to stand out at your next job interview? If so, the team at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about your interview prep and job search services, and see how working with The Advance Group can make it easier than ever to land your perfect opportunity.






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