Top Tips From Our Most Successful Employees (These Are Things You Can Do Too!)

*Biggest tip- employers are not necessarily looking for skills, they are looking for a great attitude!

  1. Re-read your start sheet and be prepared with everything you need to get started – including safety equipment!
  2. Be there early on your first day! Do a drive-by before your start date so you know exactly where you need to go and which door to use!
  3. Show up every day, on time, and ready to work – and don’t use your cell phone! Have backup plans for transportation and child care.
  4. Give plenty of notice if you do need to take any time off of work for appointments – no last-minute call-offs.
  5. Help out where you are needed, even if it’s “not your job” – be a team player.
  6. Work hard to get along with your co-workers – no drama!
  7. Call Advance if you are having any issues – most issues can be worked out, you just need to communicate with your Advance rep.
  8. Be open to learning and improving – take direction from your supervisors, know that you have a lot to learn.
  9. Think long-term – work to get hired in to earn raises and promotions, benefits, vacation time.
  10. Be flexible! Sometimes overtime is necessary and you’ll thank yourself on payday!

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