Job Seekers Want These Three Things. Do You Offer Them?

Securing top talent for your open positions isn’t something that happens by accident. Keeping in-demand professionals engaged throughout your hiring process and during their time as a new hire is crucial. If you don’t meet their early needs, the odds are high that you’ll lose them.

Thankfully, by ensuring you bring the right things to the table, you can position your company for greater hiring success. If you aren’t sure what job seekers are after, here are three things you need to make sure that you offer.

1. Solid Benefits

While you don’t want to ignore the power of offering competitive salaries, money alone isn’t enough to entice high-quality candidates. You also need a robust benefits package.

First, it’s crucial to provide employees with the basics. Usually, this includes medical, retirement, and paid time off.

However, you don’t necessarily want to stop there. By adding valuable perks to the mix, you can set yourself apart from your competitors. For example, educational benefits – including student loan assistance or tuition reimbursement – can be great options for attracting top talent. Flexible work arrangements are also an excellent addition, as well as wellness programs.

If you can identify a benefit that would make your employees’ lives easier, considering adding it to your compensation program. That way, you can entice more job seekers, making it easier to secure the best candidates available.

2. Great Culture

Today, candidates understand the value of working for a company with a great culture. After all, they usually spend more time at work than they do at home, so it shouldn’t surprise that they want the environment to feel supportive and positive.

Focus on cultivating a culture that ensures employees enjoy their time with you. Once your culture takes shape, showcase it regularly on social media, your company website, and other resources you have available. Additionally, encourage your employees to highlight their favorite aspects of your culture, allowing the word to spread further than it may otherwise.

3. Relatable Mission

By and large, employees aren’t motivated by improvements to the company’s bottom line. Instead, they want to feel that their efforts are doing more than creating profits. As a result, they typically favor companies with missions they find relatable.

If you want to attract top talent, showcase how you support a cause or community. Ideally, this involves going farther than simply donating. Instead, it will be continuously reflected in your values and priorities.

Additionally, develop a clear mission statement that aligns with your cause. Then, use it as a guideline whenever you decide, ensuring a strong connection between your mission and your actual actions.

Ultimately, candidates are looking for all three of the items above. If you can bring them to the table, your chances of securing top talent will go up dramatically.

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