Are You Offering Jobs Candidates Are Actually Looking For?

Today, candidates are increasingly discerning. The pandemic taught many professionals a surprising amount about what they need and want from an employer. If a company doesn’t seem to measure up, a job seeker’s odds will move onto another opportunity is incredibly high.

Luckily, it is possible to use this to your advantage. By offering jobs candidates are actually looking for, you can separate your company from the competition. If you want to make sure your openings are enticing to top-quality candidates, here’s what you need to know.

What Are Today’s Candidates Looking For?

When you want to attract top talent, you need to ensure that your jobs bring the right things to the table. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to generate interest, making it harder to secure the skillsets your company needs to thrive.

In most cases, candidates have very similar needs. One of the biggest is a competitive salary, though it isn’t the only factor. After the pandemic, healthcare benefits and paid sick leave are viewed as crucial. They provide employees with critical protection should they fall ill.

Additionally, flexibility is growing in importance. Professionals understand how flexible schedules and remote work arrangements can boost their productivity. Plus, it can make work-life balance simpler to achieve, causing many to become a higher priority.

Other perks can also be quite attractive. Performance bonuses or other opportunities for financial boosts are highly desirable. Similarly, for roles that require higher education, student loan assistance or tuition reimbursement can make an opening incredibly enticing.

However, you can’t overlook the power of a great culture. While competitive salaries and benefits remain essential, a standout culture can be a difference-maker, increasing the odds that top talent will choose your company over a competitor.

If bringing in the best and brightest is your goal, you not only need to offer the right pay, benefits, and perks, but you also need to advertise what you provide openly. Add details about your programs to the job ads. That way, candidates can easily see why applying is a great idea.

How to Offer Jobs Candidates Are Actually Looking For

If you want to offer jobs that provide everything candidates are looking for, partnering with The Advance Group is your perfect solution. At The Advance Group, we can provide your new hires with a range of critical benefits. Along with weekly pay, workers can gain access to health insurance, retirement plans, attendance bonuses, paid time off, and much more.

Plus, our temp-to-hire program benefits employers. It allows you to ensure that a candidate is a great fit before you bring them on board permanently. While you’re making your decision, the new hire doesn’t have to go without critical benefits, ensuring their needs are met before transitioning into a permanent position.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can ensure you’re offering jobs candidates genuinely want, the team at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.






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