Three Things Every Successful Career Has in Common

While career success can take many forms, those who achieve it usually have a few things in common. By understanding why certain professionals excel while others struggle, you can use the right approaches. Then, you’ll be able to reach your ideal point easier, all thanks to the experience of others.

If you’re wondering what every successful career has in common, here are three things they typically share.

1. Networking Is a Priority

While your skills play a big role in career success, the connections you make and maintain also matter. By forging relationships with the right people, you can learn about unadvertised opportunities, secure coveted referrals, and get guidance at key moments in your professional life.

Thankfully, making networking a priority doesn’t mean it has to take over your life. Instead, it’s about spending a small amount of time on related tasks regularly. That can include designating 20 minutes a day to online conversations, speaking with colleagues for five minutes when you cross paths in break rooms, attending an event every quarter, and similar activities that help you cultivate a robust network.

2. Make the Most of Feedback

Feedback can be a powerful career booster when you fully embrace it. While it is hard to hear about shortcomings, that information creates opportunities for you to reach new heights. Not only can you improve your reputation with your current employer, but you can cultivate skills and expertise that make you a more attractive candidate when it’s time for a job change.

If you want to make the most of feedback, approach it with the right mindset. Usually, the criticism isn’t meant to target you as a person; it’s solely about performance. When you receive feedback, see it as a chance to learn more about how you can improve. Ask clarifying questions, request insights on how you can do better, and create a formal plan to head in the right direction.

By using that approach, you develop clear goals for growth. Plus, you can typically get support from your manager, giving you access to ongoing coaching that can help you thrive.

3. Seize the Right Opportunities

Over the course of your career, some unexpected opportunities usually arise. This can include anything from a chance to cross-train into a new area to an unanticipated position coming available that would require a shift in direction.

When you see an opportunity, take a moment to consider its potential. Envision how your career may play out if you say “yes,” including the potential risks and rewards.

For risks, do make sure you’re realistic. Your worst fear may not be particularly likely or, even if it does happen, the fallout may be far more manageable than it looks on the surface.

For rewards, think about other opportunities that may arise if you seize this one. Also, see how the change may allow you to achieve success in a way you didn’t initially consider.

By using that approach, you can figure out if moving forward is the right move. It lets you capitalize on chance without being too haphazard with your career, ensuring you can head in the best direction for you.

Ultimately, those who achieve career success usually follow the three tips above. If you’d like to learn more, the staff at The Advance Group can help. Contact us today.






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