Preventive Care – It’s Time to Get Back on Track

Has the Pandemic Paused Your Focus on Preventive Care?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has made plenty of recommendations and offered guidance regarding COVID over the past year. Did you know that they also track statistics related to preventive care? According to the CDC, 7 out of 10 Americans will die each year from chronic diseases (, many of which are preventable.

Preventive care is used to detect illnesses and diseases early. This can help you avoid or better control your health problems by catching them early. Preventive care is all about maintaining wellness and good health. We all want that, don’t we? Your primary care physician (PCP) will perform services, such as a physical exam, screenings, laboratory tests and immunizations. But your wellness initiatives should not stop there. A healthy lifestyle also includes exercise, diet and sleep quality.

What Can You Do to Get Started?

  • Contact your PCP to get that annual physical and blood work completed.
  • While you are scheduling appointments, contact your dentist for a cleaning and your vision provider for an eye exam. Sometimes, these providers can detect underlying health concerns.
  • Incorporate exercise into your daily schedule. Start with a 30-minute walk. Getting outside will improve your emotional wellness in addition to physical wellness.
  • Pay attention to what you eat. Make sure that you are getting enough fruit and vegetables daily. Avoid eating too close to bedtime.
  • Get a good night’s rest. Be cautious of blue light exposure. (

Most health plans must cover a set of preventive services at no cost to you. Lists are available for adults, women and children (

What are you waiting for? Take steps today to improve your overall wellness and get those preventive care visits.






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