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Few things impact a company’s success quite like its hiring practices. A single bad hire can have substantial and lasting implications, harming morale, productivity, and, ultimately, profitability for far longer than one would expect.

Hiring managers often know the damage a bad hire can cause and would never make one intentionally. However, separating great candidates from potential problem ones isn’t always easy.

At The Advance Group, we understand the challenges of hiring. Additionally, we’ve developed systems that making identifying genuine right-fit candidates simpler, ensuring our client companies can get the reliable, capable new hires they need to thrive. If you are wondering how The Advance Group can increase your odds of hiring success, here’s what you need to know.

The Advance Group Approach to Hiring

At The Advance Group, we have a dependable approach to hiring that’s designed to identify high-quality candidates quickly. We believe that hiring is as much as science as it is an art. That’s why we use reliable, repeatable processes to evaluate candidates based on your precise needs.

During the job seeker evaluation process, we examine every aspect of the candidate’s background. We spend time learning about their past professional experience and skill set. Additionally, we take a deep dive into their workplace needs and preferences, ensuring we can find a candidate that is primed for success in that unique role.

Further, while we understand the importance of finding candidates with the right technical capabilities, we also know that finding the ideal fit for a client company’s culture is a crucial part of the success equation. That’s why we evaluate job seekers on both fronts, increasing the odds that they’ll excel once they begin in a position.

We take the time to learn about a company’s needs, mission, and values. That way, we can integrate all of those points during the candidate evaluation process.

Finally, we understand the value of long-term candidate engagement. Here, we ensure that job seekers always feel appreciated and remain in touch to keep them an active part of our talent pool. This communication-heavy approach allows us to reach top talent quickly whenever the need arises.

Cumulatively, our process makes hiring success easier to achieve. It allows us to identify right-fit candidates faster, ensuring you can get the new hires your company needs to meet its goals.

You Get More with The Advance Group!

By partnering with The Advance Group, you don’t just get a reliable resource that can ease your hiring woes; you get more. We pride ourselves on maintaining a robust talent pool brimming with high-quality candidates, many of which are available to start right away. Additionally, we have a proven track record of reducing turnover, ensuring you can reach and maintain peak productivity with greater ease.

Whether you’re looking for a direct hire, a temporary worker, or want to take advantage of our temp-to-hire program, The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about our customizable hiring services today.






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