2021 Staffing Lessons: What Did We Learn?

During the pandemic, the staffing industry faced its own fair share of challenges. Before the pandemic, many interactions were conducted in person. Speaking face-to-face was the go-to approach, whether it was getting to know candidates or learning about a company’s needs.

Once COVID-19 led to widespread restrictions and shelter-in-place orders, business as usual wasn’t an option. Like many other sectors, the staffing industry had to adapt.

As 2020 transitioned into 2021, many of the challenges remained. However, the staffing industry figured out how to adapt, ensuring it could continue to assist companies that were now battling against a labor shortage. If you wonder what we learned during the year, here’s a look at the most powerful 2021 staffing lessons.

Connecting in No-Contact Environments

One of the biggest challenges created by the pandemic was the inability to meet in person. Savvy staffing companies quickly turned to digital solutions, ensuring they had a way to meet with candidates and clients without gathering for face-to-face meetings.

Along with telephone calls, video conferencing became a staple. Not only did that mimic the in-person experience, but it also allowed staffing companies to tour client workplaces without coming on-site, making the initial evaluation process safer.

Texting-based communication also became part of the norm. It was ideal for reaching candidates looking for opportunities, allowing staffing companies to share details about new openings quickly.

Chatbots also entered the scene in more significant numbers. Bots are an excellent option for handling FAQs from prospective candidates and clients, allowing them to gain immediate answers to questions day or night.

Increasing Use of the Cloud

Another hurdle many staffing companies faced was accessing on-premise applicant tracking systems (ATSs). When they had to transition from home, connecting to the system was challenging, requiring remote access solutions to tap into critical resources.

While remote access was sufficient short-term, it’s often viewed as a clunky approach. As a result, staffing firms that hadn’t transitioned to the cloud began making the switch, giving them additional agility.

Throughout 2021, the transitions continued. As a result, many staffing companies are now well-equipped to access critical resources from anywhere, which will only help them serve candidates and clients better moving forward.

Focusing on the Candidate Experience

During the early days of the pandemic, many assumed that those who lost positions would jump at the chance to rejoin the workforce, creating an environment where companies had more candidates than they needed. However, that assumption proved to be incorrect. Instead, job seekers have new expectations, making them less interested in particular kinds of employers. Additionally, a labor shortage arose something that caught many companies off guard.

To attract talent, staffing companies quickly recognized the importance of the candidate experience. By focusing on their need during hiring processes, firms can separate themselves from the pack, making it easier to secure job seekers for openings at client companies.

The emphasis on the candidate experience is primed to serve staffing companies well. With greater access to talent, they become an ideal resource for companies battling against the labor shortage, which attracts more openings. As a result, it becomes a win-win situation, ensuring candidates and clients can all get what they need.

Ultimately, 2021 came with some powerful lessons, causing the staffing industry to make significant changes to ensure the success of candidates and clients. If you’d like to learn more, the team at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.






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