Recruiting Today: Ship Happens

You have some job openings that you need to get filled quickly but you are having a hard time getting candidates to apply.  Or maybe you are finding that you are losing candidates along the way. You talk with your colleagues and find they are in the same boat.  There’s a tidal wave of job openings out there and candidates are getting swept away in the sea of options. So, how do you set your company up to stand out to be able to bring that candidate aboard?

First, you need to get your website into tip top shape!  Candidates want to be able to go to a company’s website and quickly find what they are looking for.  Nobody wants to scroll through page after page to end up not finding what they are looking for.  To keep them from jumping ship, have your career section easily labeled at the top of the page.  Have your job descriptions clear and understandable.  If they are overly wordy or difficult to read, the candidate may think it isn’t a position or even a company they want to work for.

Second, show them why they want to work at your company. What makes your company stand out from all of the other options that are out there? Include benefits as well as a look into your company’s culture.  Highlight your current top employees and include pictures.  People like to get a better idea of who they would be working with (and they should since we spend more time at work than we do at home).

Once you get the applicants, you need to move fast before they abandon ship!  Gone are the days of wanting to interview several candidates before making a decision. If you like a candidate, move on it or someone else will.  Video interviewing allows for a faster interview scheduling and also gives the opportunity for a collaborative team effort.  This not only helps determine if the candidate is a good fit with the team, it allows the candidate to determine if they feel the team is a good fit for them.

Lastly, find out what motivates your candidates (flexible hours or remote etc) and seriously consider if that is something you can offer to the new employee as well as current employees to help keep your crew from entertaining new opportunities.

If you can get your ship together, you can survive this new recruiting storm!






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