How to Find Better Employees During a Talent Shortage

Today, companies all across the country are experiencing recruitment woes. A talent shortage has made finding candidates for a wide variety of roles incredibly challenging. As a result, many organizations are operating shorthanded, causing productivity to fall significantly.

While it may seem like employers have very few options for overcoming the talent shortage, that isn’t necessarily the case. If you need to find better employees quickly, here are some recruitment strategies worth trying.

Advertise on Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to engage with prospective candidates. By advertising your open positions on your profile, you’ll spread the word quickly among people who are already interested in your company, potentially increasing the odds that you’ll find a quality new hire fast. Plus, you’ll be advertising on a highly-searchable, widely-used platform, extending your reach beyond direct followers.

With this approach, make sure applying is simple. For example, allow candidates on LinkedIn or Facebook to toss their hats in the ring by submitting their profile. You could also make sending in a resume the only step at this stage, ensuring interested parties can apply with just a few clicks.

Launch a Referral Program

When you want high-quality candidates who are particularly likely to excel at your company, requesting employee referrals is an excellent idea. Your workforce knows what it takes to thrive in your environment, and they’ll use that information when making recommendations. Plus, most professionals won’t put their names on the line for job seekers they don’t trust and believe in, increasing the odds that those candidates are genuinely great matches.

Make Applying Mobile-Friendly

Today, mobile devices are increasingly part of a candidate’s job search. If you want to access talent, using mobile-friendly strategies is ideal.

First, use responsive design principles when creating company websites. That way, you’re ensuring the online application adapts to any mobile device, streamlining the process by making it easier to navigate.

Along with using responsive websites for online applications, integrate other technologies. For example, give candidates a way to find out about their application status via text message or a messenger-based chatbot. Advertise openings on your exterior windows, adding a QR code that passersby can scan to reach the position description.

Partner With a Staffing Firm

When you need to access top talent, partnering with a staffing firm is an intelligent move. Recruitment agencies maintain reliable, robust candidate pools brimming with pre-vetted professionals, expediting hiring processes for client companies.

Additionally, their recruitment expertise makes finding and connecting with in-demand job seekers simpler. Instead of hoping the talent will come to them, staffing agencies know where to find the best candidates for the position. Plus, they’re adept at forging connections, ensuring the candidate experience is elevated and engaging.

If you need to find better employees during the talent shortage, the skilled team at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us to find out more about our hiring services and see how our approach can benefit you.






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