The Skill Shortage Is Real. How Are You Finding Top Talent?

Between skill gaps and a general talent shortage, companies are increasingly difficult to find the employees they need to thrive. While the situation can seem dire, that doesn’t mean organizations can’t take steps to stay on target.

By using the right hiring approach, securing top talent becomes easier. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some candidate sourcing strategies that can help.

Hire for Trainability

In many cases, companies try to find every skill they need when finding candidates to fill a vacant position. The issue is, this approach is incredibly rigid.

Often, if a job seeker doesn’t have every skill listed in the job ad, they get removed from contention before they’ve even had a chance to meet with the hiring manager. As a result, companies miss out on candidates with exceptional potential because they didn’t tick every box right from the beginning.

By using a different strategy, companies can increase their access to exceptional talent. Instead of looking for candidates who have every skill that could be needed in the role, focus on capabilities they genuinely need on day one. Then, seek out job seekers who are trainable.

When a candidate has a willingness to learn and passion for the field, they can typically be molded into your ideal employee. Those kinds of job seekers jump at the opportunity to grow and develop, making them a perfect choice for companies willing to train to close skill gaps and cultivate their ideal team.

Launch a Referral Program

One of your best recruitment resources is your current workforce. Your employees understand what it takes to excel in various positions. Additionally, they have first-hand experience with your company culture. Finally, they often have robust networks of professionals, at least some of which are likely open to new opportunities.

Launching a referral program creates a space where employees can directly refer people from their network. Since they know your company, the odds that any referred job seeker will be a strong match go up. Plus, most professionals won’t put their name on the line for someone they don’t value and trust. As a result, you’ll typically access a higher-quality candidate with referrals, too.

Partner With a Staffing Firm

When you need to fill a vacant position quickly, partnering with a staffing firm is your best move. Recruitment agencies maintain robust talent pools brimming with highly skilled professionals. Plus, they handle all initial screening activities, saving your company a substantial amount of time.

Along with their existing talent pool, staffing firms also know where to look to find niche skills. Finally, they’re incredibly adept at engaging with job seekers, elevating the candidate experience.

If you need to fill a vacant position fast, the skilled team at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us to speak with one of our experienced recruiters today and see how our services can be your ideal solution during a talent shortage.






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