Want to Gain “Real World Skills”? Try One of These 5 Jobs!

If you’re a current college student, gaining “real-world skills” might be essential. Many educational endeavors give students ample knowledge to apply, but they don’t always introduce opportunities to use new skills in practical ways. In some cases, that can make it harder to land your first position in your new field.

Luckily, by snagging the right job, you can gain valuable skills that make you a better candidate. If you don’t know where to begin, here are five kinds of jobs that could do the trick.

1. Sales Associate

Working as a sales associate can benefit your career in several ways. First, you’ll learn multitudes about customer service, including how to maintain a professional demeanor during high-stress situations. Additionally, teamwork is commonly part of the position, giving you important communication and collaboration skills that you can use after you graduate.

2. Tech Support

Many colleges hire students to provide tech support to faculty, staff, and other students. Whether you’re working in a computer lab or visiting those who need assistance in their offices, it’s an excellent way to build skills that can serve you well in a technology career.

You’ll learn about issues users often encounter and how to explain technical concepts in ways that are easy to understand. Plus, you’ll develop more patience, which can help regardless of your future profession.

3. Research Assistant

If you’re majoring in a scientific field, finding a research assistant position at your college could be your ideal option. You’ll get to participate in the research process, develop lab skills, play a role in gathering data, and take on other tasks that can serve you well during your career.

Typically, all research skills are transferable. As a result, even if you don’t head into a lab environment when you launch your career, you’ve still learned something valuable.

4. Fundraising Representative

Many colleges and alumni associations hire fundraising representatives, giving them a team of people to reach out to potential donors and secure funds. In this role, you won’t just acquire fundraising skills; you’ll also increase your confidence when interacting with people you don’t know well, something that can benefit you in any career.

Plus, you may boost your persuasion and negotiation skills. Since both of those capabilities apply to various careers, they are valuable ones to develop before graduation.

5. Restaurant Server

When it comes to fast-paced work that requires a lot of multitasking, a restaurant server definitely qualifies. If you want to learn how to navigate environments where priorities can change quickly, and you have to juggle numerous responsibilities – all while maintaining customer service standards – you can’t go wrong with this job.

Ultimately, all five of the positions above can be great ways to acquire real-world skills. If you’re looking for opportunities to help you grow and develop new capabilities that will boost your career, the team at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.






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