Does Your Communication Style Hurt Your Company Culture?

Communication is crucial to any company’s success. When information doesn’t flow freely, the resulting bottlenecks and siloes can lead to struggles. Not all employees are working with the most current data, which can lead to issues with output quality, divided priorities, and more.

Plus, poor communication harms morale. If employees have to redo work because they weren’t given the right details initially, frustration builds. A lack of transparency can breed distrust, as well. Workers might not feel like they can rely on the information they’re given, leaving them suspicious and anxious.

By using a better approach to communication, you can ensure issues like those above don’t occur. In most cases, you can also boost your company culture, creating an environment where information flows freely and employees have what they need to thrive.

If you want to update your communication style to create a more positive workplace culture, some tips can help.

Embrace Multiple Communication Methods

Most companies have a handful of ways that they can communicate with employees. Often, individuals favor one approach over others. As a result, information shared using just a single platform may not reach everyone promptly.

If information is genuinely critical, use multiple communication methods to share it. Along with classic options like email, try messaging employees on collaboration platforms and sending texts. You could even post alerts on your company intranet if the news affects the entire company.

Using multiple options ensures that critical details reach all impacted employees quickly. Just make sure to include a note in the message directing employees to the proper place for more information or discussions, bringing everyone together if the need for further conversations is part of the equation.

Give Employees a Place to Express Their Ideas and Concerns

Many employees have ideas that could benefit your company. Some also have concerns they’d like to see addressed. At times, the only reason they aren’t fully heard is that there isn’t a platform for them to express their thoughts or have the needed discussion.

Ideally, you want to give employees several options for sharing their insights or asking questions. During group meetings, make sure everyone is given a chance to speak. Additionally, schedule one-on-one appointments with your team regularly, allowing you to have a conversation where they can express themselves in an environment that feels private and secure.

Make space on digital platforms for idea sharing and expressing concerns, too. That way, employees who are more confident discussing topics in writing have a place to do so. You may also want to create an anonymous online portal with a similar purpose, giving employees who are worried about how they’ll be received or who are less comfortable speaking in front of others an area where they can express themselves.

Finally, make room for conversations that aren’t overly formal. Often, casual conversation can lead to innovative and creative thinking. Plus, it allows team members to bond over topics that aren’t inherently work-related, allowing them to forge stronger relationships, improving collaboration.

Ultimately, strong communication is critical for your company’s culture, so use the tips above to get headed in the right direction. If you’d like to find out more, the staff at The Advance Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.






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