How to Make the Right Light Industrial Hire

Finding the right new hire for a light industrial role is essential. Every employee has to be highly capable in a manufacturing or warehousing environment. Otherwise, bottlenecks can develop within workflows, hindering overall productivity.

By looking for the proper skills and using the correct hiring approach, you can find the light industrial talent you need with greater ease. Here’s a look at key skills to seek out when filling light industrial roles, as well as insights into how to find top talent.

What to Look for in a Light Industrial Hire

When filling a light industrial position, focusing on the right skills allows you to identify candidates with the most potential. In most cases, that means seeking out specific soft skills, as those can play a big role in success. Plus, soft skills aren’t easily taught, making finding candidates who already possess them a better approach.

For light industrial jobs, dependability and accountability are both crucial. You need to know that you can count on the new hire to arrive on time, handle their tasks, and ensure the quality of their own work.

Problem-solving and critical thinking are also wise to seek out. When an employee can examine an issue and devise a solid solution, then productivity can remain high even if something unexpected occurs during a shift.

You also don’t want to overlook teamwork and collaboration. Most industrial environments are highly team-oriented, and it isn’t uncommon for some positions to work directly with a colleague for most – if not all – of a workday. By finding a new hire that’s cooperative and a strong communicator, the odds that the workplace will thrive go up dramatically.

A willingness to learn can be crucial, as well. When new hire is passionate about their success and looks for opportunities to acquire new knowledge and grow professionally, they’re often driven to excel, too. Plus, when they’re willing to learn, you can mold the employee’s capabilities to match your needs, ensuring your company can thrive.

Finally, it would be best if you focused on safety-conscious candidates. Light industrial workplaces come with an inherent degree of risk. Employees need to understand what’s present in the environment and be diligent about taking precautions and following safety procedures. That way, they can keep themselves and their coworkers safe.

How to Find Top Talent for Your Light Industrial Positions

Focusing on potential is wise when you need to fill an open light industrial position. While you certainly want to find any technical capabilities they’ll need from day one, by concentrating on candidates who also have the skills above, you’ll get critical capabilities right from the beginning. Then, you can teach them the technical parts of the role, allowing them to become your ideal employee.

If you’re looking for candidates with the right mix of hard and soft skills, the team at The Advance Group can make finding your next new hire easier. We maintain a competent light industrial talent pool, quickly giving you access to top talent. Plus, we know how to connect with candidates when you need niche skills, allowing us to find your perfect match efficiently. Contact us today.






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