How to Stand Out in a Job Search (When Everyone Else Is Looking, Too!)

The pandemic changed how many professionals viewed their jobs, causing many to rethink their positions and ultimately decide to quit. So many left their jobs that the situation has been dubbed “the Great Resignation.”

While the reasons that people quit varied significantly, it nonetheless altered the job market. Candidates may face more competition for high-quality roles. Additionally, since there are more applicants, standing out could be harder.

Ultimately, job seekers will need to go the extra mile to separate themselves from the pack. If you want to know how you can pull that off, here are some tips that make standing out from the crowd easier.

Target Your Resume, Cover Letter, and Interview Answers to the Role

First and foremost, targeting your resume and cover letter to the role is essential. By incorporating keywords from the job description and addressing the priorities in the must-have list directly, you make yourself look like a stronger match. As a result, your odds of getting past an automated screener and receiving an interview invitation from the hiring manager go up dramatically.

It’s also wise to practice new interview answers for every position. That way, you can integrate details that also strongly align with the hiring manager’s needs and preferences.

Be Ready to Discuss Why You’re Looking for a New Job (or Why You Quit)

Hiring managers understand that many professionals are seeking out new opportunities due to something the pandemic sparked in them. As a result, the odds that you’ll get asked about why you’re looking for something new are incredibly high. Additionally, if it’s clear that you left your last role, you’ll probably get asked about that, too.

Make sure you’re ready to discuss your reasoning using the right approach. You don’t want to focus on the negatives of your current or last employer. Instead, you need to be future-oriented, talking about what you’re trying to find instead.

You can mention the pandemic’s influence regarding your goals, too, especially how the situation led to new career goals or priorities. That way, the hiring manager sees what’s driving you forward instead of only hearing about what you’re trying to leave behind.

Emphasize the Right Soft Skills When You’re Applying to New Jobs

Hiring managers don’t just seek out technical prowess; they also want candidates with the right soft skills. Make sure you emphasize traits that will help you thrive in the role. For example, communication and teamwork are crucial in almost any position, making them good places to start.

If the role is remote, showcasing your dependability, self-reliance, accountability, organization, and self-motivation works in your favor, too. The same goes for general tech-savviness if you aren’t in a technology role, as that makes it clear that you can navigate the systems you’ll need to use to telecommute.

Ultimately, standing out from the crowd doesn’t have to be a challenge. By using the tips above, you can showcase yourself as a stronger candidate, increasing the odds that you’ll have a successful job search.

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